Stylist Training - Lesson 2

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    In the 2nd lesson, Philip Warkander - a journalist, researcher and fashion scientist at Stockholm University lectured.
    Shit fries how interesting it was! I could have listened to him for several days.
    Philip does not work with fashion at all in practice, but studies fashion as one phenomenon, theoretically.
    Philip Warkander on the left
    By examining previous trends, we can by studying today's society predict upcoming trends! Everything became very logical when he explained.

    At the end of the lesson, all students had one with them fashion image, for example from a campaign, which we studied together. Why is the image made the way it is made, and why does it appeal to me?

    It became a lot of facts and fashion history, but at the same time a completely different way of thinking about fashion. That everything will be as it is is not by chance.

    Very interesting!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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