Summer event at Creative Makeup

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    Yesterday we had a beauty event at Creative Makeup with a summer theme like this before sun and holidays, and it was so successful! Really lovely evening really :)

    Summer theme fits in very well with us as our focus on Creative Makeup is sustainable beauty, it has more meanings for us but before the summer it is above all literally we talk about sustainability such as permanent makeup and color lashes and eyebrows.

    Annika talked a bit about permanent makeup and presented our new apprentice Ämma who is starting to practice now and will soon be open for bookings for apprentice prices :) Then I held a makeup demo, or product demo you could almost say, and showed 3 good summer products on my model Frida as I also did brow pick and color and lash color the week before - then you do not need much more to feel fresh and spooky!

    On our instagram (@ and Facebook page can you see a clip with film clips from the event that we posted on Insta Story, and here are some pictures from the event as well :)

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    Non-alcoholic bubble with strawberries, fruit skewers and sangria we offered to all the guests, so good really! ♥

    Many cameras that took pictures here haha, you never know which one to check in :) In the picture you see all makeup artists at the salon except 2 pieces that are not visible in the picture.

    My God, how many makeup artists we are now when you think about it, when we opened this salon in September 1.5 years ago, it was just me and one more. And now we're the worst gang!

    Here was my nice view when I greeted everyone :)

    In addition to the make-up demo, I talked a bit about our lash and brow treatments, and in this picture I talked about eyelash permanent / lash lift. It really is so nice on vacation!

    The products I showed were these three:

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    1. Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal - Perfect multi-product in the summer! This is a colored day cream with luster, sunscreen (SPF 20) and concealer for a natural coverage that makes your skin look flawless and radiant! Because even if you want a light and natural coverage on the face, it is almost always a small blemish or darkness under the eyes that bothers you a little, and then it is super flexible to put the colored day cream all over the face and then dab on concealer where you want more coverage.

      The colored day cream contains, among other things:
      Ginseng extract - Has anti-aging properties and evens out skin tone.
      Ginkgo extract - Anti-inflammatory, soothing and reduces redness of the skin.
      Roman Chamomile Extract - Anti-inflammatory, wound healing and soothing.
      Kamelia oleifera extract - Moisturizes the skin and softens it.

      The concealer contains aloe vera, Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which nourish and moisturize the skin.

    2. Pixi Minimal Makeup Palette - A palette with two highlighters, a blush, a sun powder (suitable for contouring because it is not so warm) and 4 eye shadows, of which the matte brown works well as a brow shadow as well. At the make-up demon, I only showed the blush to get a little more color, but this is a palette that is super smart to take on the trip!
    3. gloMinerals Cream Glaze Crayon in the shade Mimosa - A creamy lipstick that highlights the tan! You know when you wear a sweater in a coral a little shining color, how much browner the skin looks then? This lipstick will have the same effect too! When you have dark lashes and eyebrows and have a fresh complexion with the above products, you can easily vary the make-up with the help of the lips. Everything from red to neutral lip color is suitable depending on what look you are looking for. The lipstick from gloMinerals is also very caring and contains mango oil, shea butter and both vitamin C and E.

    Another tip for highlighting the tan that I also told you was that contrasts highlight, e.g. warm next to cold. So a simple trick is to replace your black eyeliner with a dark blue one! One example is gloMinerals Precise Micro Eyeliner in the shade Navy, it is a narrow eyeliner in a rather dark blue tone that is not at all bright or luminous around the eyes but darkens down and frames nicely.

    Then the guests got to mingle around to the "stations" they wanted to know more about, such as questions about permanent makeup and get personal skin advice from our spa therapist Jannika. Among other things, I can recommend body scrub for the summer, a treatment that removes dead skin cells, which makes the tan sit much better! And of course they could buy products in the store and book treatments for really good offers :) In the picture above you see Sanna who is a trained hair specialist and has just tested these customers' hairs and talks about the result and what their values on the hair mean :)

    Beauty guides on the tips I went through can be found in this post where I show Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal step by step, and in this post where I give tips and show step by step how to highlight your tan, including with the lipstick that I showed at the event. You can also look inside this post where I just used Frida as a model to show a natural bass makeup with Pixi Illuminating Tint & Conceal :)

    Now I am completely tender after all the planning and preparation for the event, then when it started it was just fun and energizing but you know how it can be when something you have planned for a while is over - then the must goes out of a bit. So now I catch up on some admin work at work and then it's going to bed early tonight.

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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