Summer make-up before & after

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    This make-up I did on a girl to sit model on make-up demon I will hold at our summer event on 31 May!

    I will not do a whole make-up in front of the guests, but most of the time I will have prepared before and just show which products I have used, and then I will finish with 3 nice summer products that I put on during the presentation itself.

    I took before and after pictures of her that I can show you :)

    Colored face primer - glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer Spf 30 (Light)
    Luminous peach golden highlighter - Pixi Glow-Y-Powder (Rome Rose)
    Fixing mist - Pixi makeup fixing mist

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    (These are the three I will show in front of all the guests later)

    Brynpenna - glo Skin Beauty Miro brow liner (Ash & Dark brown)

    Eyeshadow Primer - Pixi eye bright primer
    Eye shadows (warm tones) - glo Shadow Palette (Mixed Metals)
    Yellow & Turquoise eye shadow - Paese NEO Eyeshadow
    Light eyeliner along the waterline - gloMinerals Eye Pencil (Peach)
    Eyeliner - Kryolan HD Cream Liner (Ebony)
    Mascara - Magnetic lash mascara

    Lipstick - glo Skin Beauty Lipstick (Bella)

    What I want to push a little extra on in my makeup demo is that makeup should be fun! The theme for the evening is that beauty is wellness :)

    Therefore, I want a little color around the eyes but at the same time show that it does not have to be harder than putting a little turquoise under the eye or yellow in the corner of the eye - you do not have to do the worst rainbow makeup just to use color! All this is prepared before the event.

    What I will then show on the actual make-up demon in front of the guests is how good the colored face primer is - I will only put on half the face so they can then compare both sides. Because it becomes so natural that you do not understand the wow effect if you can not compare how smooth and even it is on one side compared to the other.

    The colored face primer is a great summer product because it has sun protection 30, is matte and durable on the skin and evens out both skin structure and skin tone in a discreet way. But if you are going to gasp in the sun on the beach type, you should of course have spf 50.

    For my skin type, I would have needed 4 products to achieve this result on the base - first sunscreen, then primer (for such a smoothing effect) then a colored day cream or semi-opaque foundation (for coverage) and then powder (for a matte and durable result ). But now this primer is enough!

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    Then I finish with the highlighter with color that is so nice in the summer and then fixing the mist that makes the makeup extra durable - which is also good in the summer especially if you are going to a party and such events and have more makeup on.


    We'll see if I might make some changes to the make-up at the event itself later, but still nice to get test make-up a bit :)

    Hugs are ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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