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    Hello hello everyone! :)

    Here I sit this Valentine's Day and feel the urge to write!

    I have my cat Viktoria in my arms, I am completely dressed in red for the day (dress, lipstick & nail polish) and just had a sweet heart attack because Viktoria turned her head and looked me in the eyes when I started singing a song! How sweet?

    Got the question on Insta story from a follower who wondered how my start in 2021 has been, so thought I could chat a bit about it in the blog! :) I always get so shocked when I realize that people are reading and cares haha. I asked e.g. on Instagram if someone operated on the tonsils and wanted to answer my questions and I got SO many answers! Long layouts as well. Imagine how good a time we really live in now? You have like a team around you constantly. Gold!!

    Healthier 2021!

    Now I have been nagging about my throat problems for 2.5 years and it does not get better. But not worse either :) Now I have decided to run a final test period with different methods and if this does not help, it will be the knife. But I am so afraid to operate on the tonsils. In addition, doctors say "the question is whether it helps" so it is not an easy decision.

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    The methods I am currently testing:

    Infrared light! It is healing and is used on, among other things, sports injuries. I think it works so that the heat from the red light goes several centimeters into the body and causes artificial fever. This triggers a natural healing process in the area, a bit like acupuncture I think?

    2. Move me more! My days are mostly spent sitting in front of the computer. We live so small that not even "going to the kitchen" is a movement for me, I just stand up and turn around and I'm in the kitchen haha.

    I have therefore started dancing inside Annika's living room when she is at work! :) Headphones with spicy music and then I entertain myself by bouncing around for an hour type. It's great fun !! I do it Monday-Friday and actually feel on the weekend that I long for Monday to dance again.

    3. Manukahonung - Heard that this should be good for sore throat. Honey is useful, everyone says! I hate honey though, especially Manuka honey I have now learned the hard way. But every night I take a tops and put a click on each tonsil, trying not to swallow for a while.

    4. Eat only naturally - Only fruit, nuts, vegetables, root vegetables and some days fish (but mostly completely vegan except eggs from our own chickens). Sometimes a little Greek yogurt as a sauce, but that's our biggest "cheat" :)

    We eat quite healthy otherwise too but not at this level as we have been doing now for 2 weeks. But it's going great, I've never eaten so good and luxurious every day! Miska is so good at making healthy dishes incredibly good, I do not understand how he does! I'm otherwise a pretty picky person but this is just pure pleasure actually!

    I love parsnips! Nothing new for this health period, but otherwise as well. How can there be so little talk about parsnips? Is it just me love the? I get safe from parsnip :)

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    Now it's exactly one month since I had a sore throat and high fever last time, so it should be on g again soon if it continues as usual. So keep your fingers crossed that it stays away now! At least longer periods.

    No customer bookings for me for a period

    After we moved the salon and I no longer have an office there, I have worked from home and only went in one day a week to take my regular customers. It's fun with my regulars, like meeting friends almost :) so I did not want to stop.

    I usually gather all customers on the same day and it has gone well in the past. But the second corona wave hit harder than ever at the salon and after several "failed" working days, I realized that I had to take a break with this. My regular customers are now booked in with my colleagues instead.

    There have been so many cancellations at the last minute due to symptoms, which is absolutely right! But it does not really work for me who goes in alone for my bookings. Counting on bookings several hours in a row but then only having 1-2 customers, means that I went back financially after petrol, parking, VAT and taxes. I would have earned more by staying home.

    Very boring! But still a simple decision because it was so every week, I can not pay money to work. No wonder :) Now I long for spring and vaccine so I can start taking customers again!

    I still work with the company from home. Here I sit in bed with reports, salaries and layoffs. And the lamp with infrared light towards the neck :)

    My other companies!

    My working days mostly consist of other work though! Partly some advertising revenue via the blog, which we are working on to SEO-adapt even more. Google is the source of my biggest income right now, haha.

    Miska and I have started a separate limited company and work with other assignments in addition to the salon. Miska also builds websites and helps companies with digital marketing, including to a veterinary clinic that has received incredibly good results from this!

    But mostly I work with my third limited company. Emma and I, who are my new business partner, are developing a completely new make-up brand and are both working full time with this. It's video meetings, it's research, it's tests, it's negotiation, it's lawyers.

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    But more than that I can not go into unfortunately, due to privacy :)

    Wonderful days!

    When you dribble three companies in the middle of a pandemic, there is a lot that is constantly shaking. Even privately, our van is in the workshop again and my regular car that we crashed into a tree in the middle of the day, we find no cheap doors to. So it just stands ..

    But I'm starting to get a little more fluent some days, I still feel! :)

    And so I try to take the opportunity to enjoy a little too, it is after all a pretty unique period right now. We live on the same plot as Annika and Mileya - who is now 2 years old and the world's goaste! I work from home every day and my cat Viktoria feels very pampered about this;) Me and Miska have a great time together even though we are with each other 24/7 in this little cottage. And also plans to "build less" with our van that we will start building again as soon as the cold disappears :)

    Just one such thing that this was my coffee break the other day! To live in the country and only a few 100 m from such a nice lake. I just wanted to take the glittering snow and lay straight on the eyelids haha, how nice? :)

    I'm actually a bit "persecuted" by the word "gratitude" that I see just about everywhere. A bit like the universe wants to say something to me. One morning I felt super-spiritual and thought a lot about the law of attraction and such. Then I drew an angel card (nothing I do much, but I have a deck of cards and believe in that) and even then got the card "gratitude". When I read in the book about what the card means, it was basically about the law of attraction! That if I am grateful for all the good I have now and think about what I want more of (or continue to have) in the future, then I will get it.

    How appropriate! :)

    Today when I was doing the dishes, my brain wandered away and I actually put my future dreams into words in a pretty good way; I want my life to be better than my Instagram! Haha wow how silly it sounded without explanation !!

    But everyone says evenly "everyone only posts the best on Instagram, that's not the reality" and that is true. But every time Miska and I travel, I feel the opposite - it was much, much, much better than what it looked like on Instagram! There is so much that disappears when you just post pictures and movie clips, the internal jokes you create, the wonderful atmosphere, etc.

    So I want my life to be too, that when people say "you look like you have such a wonderful life" then the first feeling is "if it looks great on Instagram I can say that it actually is yet better!" :)

    Is not it a good goal to strive for? I think it will be so. Soon you will hear me utter those words, haha!

    The life enjoyer Helena höhö. Here I am sitting in the car on the way to my dad who turned 88 this Thursday! Miska cooked fine dining and we had such an amazing time :)

    This is what Miska looked like when we ate lunch the other day, the sun shone in so nicely, I just had to take pictures! :) Now he and I will "celebrate" Valentine's Day with some movies and tea in bed. It will be cozy!

    This post is sponsored by hä and now you are really hungry for summer, sun and ice cream in a wonderful hammock! :) Sure?

    Hope you have a nice Sunday too and get a good start to the new week later!

    Hug! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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