Sunday post March 22

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    Everybody says "I'm so tired of corona"And"can we please we talk about something other than coronaAnd the same people (I'm also one of them) still only talk about corona haha. Because let's face it - it's kind of the only thing we all think about :)

    How sick is it that something you do not see can affect you so much? I have not met a single corona-infected person and I do not know anyone, not even an acquaintance I know of has received it. Closer than a customer whose colleague (she did not meet after that) got it in Italy.

    But at the same time, the effects of this, which is so far from me, are so extremely close! It affects both my personal finances and my entire company extremely much. At the same time it is an incredibly nice spring and sunny Sunday today, the hens are running around in the garden and soon our mutual friend Joel will come here and do the first barbecue of the year! MYS!

    You kind of notice nothing at all on some levels, while on other levels it is crisis planning deluxe.

    In other words, this post is incredibly corona-related as it affected my work week so extremely much! If you can not hear more about it, you can scroll on to all beauty posts, they are completely anxiety-free! :) ♥

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    Weekly start

    This Monday morning I told Miska "is it no wonder we have so many bookings anyway? Wondering how much we would have had without the corona”.

    Cut to an hour later: The salon opens and the cancellations fall in. Olga suddenly had only 2 customers that day and Zahra's Tuesday suddenly became completely empty of bookings.


    But I have at least had a Skype meeting with producers in Europe and they continue to start projects - even in Italy where it is at its worst right now. So it brings hope!

    Crisis buffer in the company

    I have seen several posts on social media that "private individuals must have 3 months' monthly salary saved for unexpected events, but companies perish after half a week" Lol. It's funny because it's true.

    As an entrepreneur myself, I can say that this is the first and last time I start a company with services. Our products can remain on the warehouse shelves until the crisis blows over, but every lost hour that we have staff without customers in the make-up chair is money in the lake. We will never get that time back.

    I was asked this week "how critical is it in the account?" and the answer is actually as simple as - the cancellations started last Monday, so no we have not seen a huge difference in the account than.

    But next week the salaries go and two weeks after that the tax goes. Two things that are so HEAVENLY expensive! It is almost impossible to run a salon with several employees and at the same time save such a large buffer, because it is an industry with great competition so we can not have higher prices because then we do not get any customers. We have decent salaries with decent conditions, and after VAT, employer contributions, holiday pay, occupational pension, insurance and the salary that the employee receives in the account, there is not a huge amount of kronor left for the company.

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    It is enough kroner to be a good business if the staff is good with bookings, but every unbooked hour in the schedule has the same salary cost as a booked hour. So if the cancellations continue at the pace it did this week, it is not much required before we do not have money so it is enough anymore!

    With that said, of course we have a buffer saving as well! We think it is important to have a secure company. But that buffer goes to "ordinary" unexpected (and expected) events, e.g. sick and wobbly staff, that we have just come out of a low season, that the cash register is old and sounds bad and will break at any time, etc., etc.

    Corona could not come at a worse time for us as we have exactly these problems at the same time. Our buffer has already been used up! And Miska and I have already sacrificed our salaries for quite some time now to control all the non-corona-related events so we can not charge less than 0: - now that there is a crisis.

    I ran into the salon and visited Ida who worked last Saturday, then she was fully booked in almost 15 minutes so it was nice anyway! Every penny now counts ♥

    How do I feel?

    I feel good, I have already had 4.5 years of training with financial crisis and that everyone else's salaries, well-being and life puzzles and leisure planning go before my own. Without it in the backpack, I would have felt shit now, I think, but it's not that stressful actually.

    I am also not afraid of getting sick myself, because I have also had almost 2 years of practice of it haha. I'm a fever expert! Come to me tips :)

    It's kind of shitty that it's a crisis I can not control, because it's so heavenly uncertain. Is this the girl, or is it just the beginning? But at the same time, it's nice that the crisis is so unexpected and 0% because of me. I do not need to have a bad conscience that it is due to a decision that did not go well and there are no bad feelings between anyone, but everyone knows that it is a unique situation for everyone right now and we just have to stick together and do good we can all!

    With that said, I should not hide under the chair that I have some stress symptoms. It feels like there are two groups in society today: some who are at home in quarantine and need "craft tips" because they are bored. While some others (the group I belong to) suddenly get a new pile of things to do and solve on top of the big pile of stuff you had before - which has not disappeared at all now just because it is a crisis. Pjuh!

    I bite the inside of my lips and I have a hard time focusing if I do not take more breaks than normal, but I sleep well and I still have the mood up and laugh a lot. So you can see it as a win! :)

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    Then at certain moments I get a feeling that I will lose it soon and find it a little difficult to breathe, but then it's just thinking of something else fast like attan and it goes over haha.

    Makeup is my therapy as well, both to do it and then to walk around like a glittering color click that spreads joy :) Therefore, I was (for the sake of the unusual nowadays) both glittery and colorful at the salon this week!

    I had customers myself last Thursday (only one of mine canceled) and they felt calm despite everything, nice!

    What annoys me the most

    I am currently working very focused on building a career where I can work 100% remotely. You all know how I want a house in the mountains of Spain where I can work with my companies via the computer, in my colorful caftan and eat grapes that grow above me and hang down in beautiful clusters from the terrace fence.

    1. I sometimes get a slap in the face that I have prioritized wrong, what if I had had this distance plan as a goal a little faster then I would have now spent this crisis at home in my own paradise! And not noticed any difference but just went and shopped and then been so grateful for where I am.
    2. I get even more panicked when I think "this is just the beginning" and am afraid that that dream will now never come true at all instead. My savings will disappear in shares and none of my new projects will be able to be started up because society has collapsed.

    But that must not be the case! My and Miska's plan now is to buy a cheap house in Sweden, renovate it and live nice here for a while while we build a safer distance career, then when we sell the house (with a big profit) we buy the dream house in Spain! ♥

    Then Corona can come back as best he wants, haha!

    Speaking of distance jobs, the webshop is rolling on as usual anyway! If you want to enrich your life with some wonderful products, you can shop in my web shop :)

    What do we do then?

    We prefer not to short-term leave the staff because there is still some parental leave, etc. planned and as it looks now, we still have bookings as well, it is not completely empty. So we follow the development and wait a while longer.

    But things can change quickly! If the schools close, etc., it will probably be a paid holiday for 2 of the makeup artists (and hope that the account is enough for that) with the hope that it will be better for the summer instead and then the makeup artists will work more then instead. If their children are free, you can actually have a nice holiday now too, it's nice in the spring and you can still be out in nature, play in the woods and stuff :)

    And I myself am used to working from home so there will be no difference! For example. I published my and Tommy's latest podcast of the week! Available now on e.g. Acast and Podcasts if you search for the podcast ”Really effective”. Will write a post about it soon too! :)

    No, now I'm going out in the spring sun here in the country, hanging out in the garden with 1-year-old Mileya and our nice chickens and eating good vegetarian barbecue food!

    And recharge for a new week that will most likely offer a lot of new challenges;)

    A thousand, a thousand hugs to you! ♥

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