Sunday post March 8

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    Last weekend there was no post due to getting sick with fever and throat infection again (yes they keep on coming) plus was visiting my sister in Finland over the weekend. So all the energy I had had to go to the family "on the other side" as we always said (without thinking about how it sounds) but only mean the other side of the Baltic Sea haha :)

    But in addition, I have had two intense and fun work weeks!

    A lot now :)

    Having a lot of work is a positive problem :) I love to have a lot of balls in the air provided it is mixed with fun balls and not just problem balls haha. And so I have it now, a lot of fun balls!

    There are many projects at the same time, website building for a glassworks that Miska and I do together, consulting jobs for Peragenda and then my make-up brand that is progressing! I think I have found the best packaging in the whole world for one of the products and now the cooperation with the producers will start properly. Iiiiih!

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    In addition, I have a lot with the salon as well. For example. just when I had finished the summer schedule, there were changes of things you can not predict. So now I have had to redo and have stared at various working hours, parental leave days and counted hours here and there.

    Such a managerial job that no one sees how much time you actually spend on it :)

    Eat lunch and work at the same time, so it has to be sometimes when you have time for everything.

    By the way, I had a customer at the salon this week who asked how I manage everything, but I have employees (they take a lot of time but they also save a lot of time hehe) plus no children or other life puzzles that many others have, so I get time over to leisure too :) It's important. If I had skipped my free time completely, I would have had time for even more, but it's not worth it!

    Although you have a lot of fun to deal with, you still have to do the boring "daily work". Here I am sitting in our waiting room while Miska had an eyebrow customer and is working on financial reports. Every time there is a new month, I have a checklist of things to do :)

    Order and order!

    Meeting at Disruptive Materials

    I have been doing consulting work for Disruptive Materials (around the Upsalite ingredient) for over 2 years now and this week it was time for a meeting there again!

    I really love coming to their office :)

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    Unfortunately, I can not tell you what it is about as it is secrecy. But wanted to mention that I was there at least when it was a big mark on my work week :)

    Extra cracks as a photographer

    Miska is building a website for a glassworks and we run the same teamwork as when we built, I take the pictures!

    We work mostly with small companies and then it is so very important that the website feels personal, that you get a relationship with the company. And if you are going to do that, it is not smart with purchased images from a random image bank, this is what most websites look like, nothing that catches your attention immediately.

    So just like on our own website, all pictures will be from their own business, the models are their own employees and owners who you then meet on site when you get there :) I think!

    This will probably be the first image on the website! It is a family business and here are the co-owners who are also father and daughter.

    I wanted a lovely and happy first picture with just the two of them, which is not a pose picture or portrait but more in action. The idea was that they would look at each other and look like they were talking and laughing a little in "passing" when they worked, but then a colleague said something funny on the page and CLICK and I got two relaxed and genuine smiles. Love it :)

    Note I know that I am not a professional photographer, but if you build a new website and hire a real photographer at the same time, it will be a very expensive project. But my pictures are included in the price of the website!

    The picture is not quite finished yet either, e.g. she touched my hand and I had such a long shutter speed that my hand became blurred. But I have an idea on how to fix it! I'm not a good photographer but a bastard in photoshop;)

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    Wow how impressed I was by this guy then! I took a lot of photos when he worked and everything looked so simple, it's like that when you see professionals work!

    Damn you Corona !!

    In last Sunday's post, I talked about 1. that we booked a fair and meetings with producers at Cosmoprof in Italy in March and 2. that my shares went so well in 2020. Do you think I can be happy about any of this now after the Corona hype ? Answer no :)

    The fair was canceled (I had booked everything ready, nothing with refund protection) and I do not even dare go into my share accounts and check, just know that they are in the red now!

    Of course, I think it's good to avoid the spread of infection and all that great work that seems to be put in! But is not a bit afraid of corona and is sick tired of the panic that the media spreads. But above all that it affects my business haha.

    Ok here I was not very happy due to all the Corona hassle in connection with the fact that I felt that the fever and throat was going on for the 17th time. I have had 21 in total now but 4 of them have been quite messy so I only count 17 :)

    New lipsticks !!!

    I have already written that we would get new lipsticks, but now they have come home and been published in the webshop as well :)

    I had already taken swatch pictures with close-ups on the lips + full pictures on the face, but when I was going to publish, I felt that there was no classic arm picture where you see the lipsticks next to each other, so I took some more pictures!

    We now have 15 shades of Paese Argan Oil Lipstick in my webshop and yesterday there was another positive review of satisfied customer, so grateful and happy !! :)

    And then cutting the pictures together and writing the post itself is faster said than done. But if you missed it, you can read it here!

    Record podcast - Really effective

    Before South Africa I had the worst cough and fever so my voice was completely pie, Olga said at work "it sounds like I'm talking to someone else!" Lol. So then we could not record the podcast, then I had a holiday and after that Tommy has been fully booked for a consulting job.

    But last Friday we had a meeting first and then we finally recorded a new episode of the podcast! :)

    I have booked a lot next week but I think I should be able to get the episode out tomorrow!

    Yesterday (Saturday) we worked with customers at the salon and then I sewed all evening, happened to lock myself in the hen house without a mobile at 23.30 (Miska was not home) and today we have gone on an adventure with another house tour! So there has not been much rest this weekend right away, but I will do it now as soon as I press the publish button :)

    So now I'm going to lie down and watch Desperate Housewives and drink tea in bed and just cuddle alone until it's bedtime.

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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