Surprise trip - Vamos a la playa at Formentera!

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    You have no idea how wonderful I am right now, because Miska and I are on vacation on Formentera woop woop! We drove a surprise trip :) ♥

    surprise trip good hotel formentera

    Liver flea :)

    Formentera is a quiet island off Ibiza with the world's finest turquoise waters and sandy beaches, so wonderful! My sister Malin is here with her boyfriend Glenn and their son Mille at almost 2 years old, and Miska and I decided to take a last minute trip here and surprise them last week, a surprise trip! They were so shocked and happy when we knocked on their hotel room haha, so much fun really!

    vamos a la playa formentera

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    Miska and Mille ♥

    It was a lot of stress at work to be able to be free this week, but it's so worth it and now I'm completely relaxed and disconnect from everything at home that is not urgent.

    Then there are some acute problems that must be solved as well… type that my blog was down yesterday morning (if any of you did not come in here then that was why) but no stress is our motto here so nemas problemas :)

    mojito formentera beach bar

    Laughter attack is what you see in the picture above haha. Holidays and abdominal exercises at once will be able to sum up this trip quite well I think :)

    We were terribly lucky on the way here too, after only sleeping 3 hours we got up at 01.45 and headed towards Arlanda. 03.30 we were there and then became our flight delayed, delayed .. and delayed… and not until 21.00 in the evening did we finally take off, yes you understand, like 17 hours at an airport! I had time to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, sleep, learn Spanish, get drunk and sober again haha and play a number of games with Miska before we finally left. And when we arrived in Ibiza so late at night, the boat did not go to the island, so we had to sleep in another hotel before we finally arrived in Formentera a full day late.

    But I was actually not ironic when I wrote that we were lucky with all this, because as compensation we were upgraded to a much nicer and larger room in the hotel, and according to an EU law (not fully loaded yet) you get a fixed amount as compensation when it has been so late, the amount is the same no matter where the trip cost, and since we got this trip (which is really expensive) at the last minute, the trip was almost free if everything goes as it should with the compensation Lol! Definitely worth missing a day for that, we are still here 6 full days :)

    surprise trip delayed flight

    Happy couple who finally got on the plane!

    Then I have to give a little praise to me and Miska as well, who despite delays, etc. kept the mood up all the time at Arlanda and just laughed and had fun :) There is like nothing you can do about it anyway. Basically everyone else was so angry. And of course it is a thousand times harder for those with children (they could get hotel rooms for so long) but nothing actually gets better from getting angry and there is no reason to scold those who work at Arlanda. You just stood there and thought "do not shoot the messenger" and felt sorry for the staff there who had to take the whole blow haha.

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    formentera strand

    But now we are finally here, bathing in the sea, laughing until the abdominal muscles ache and just relax and enjoy. It was a successful surprise trip!

    surprise trip formentera beach

    I'm the only one who cares about sunscreen - and I'm the only one who's already burned me #inter fair. The sun is so strong and I am so pale and sensitive in winter!

    Surprise trips formentera mojito

    I will probably post a lot of pictures and film clips on Insta Story. So there you can see more from our trip! :) @helenaamiley

    This is definitely not our last surprise trip! : D

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Great post, how good you write!
      Impressive with your attitude when you were so late, a pity that not more travelers made the best of the situation as you 😋

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