Swatch - Glo Skin Beauty lipstick!

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    I have always loved the lipsticks from gloMinerals (or glo Skin Beauty as the brand is now called) and now I still have to say wow! glo Skin Beauty has updated the lipstick range and stepped up its game even more!

    Now available for purchase HERE! :)

    What has changed is both the formula, the packaging and many of the colors, so it's almost like brand new lipsticks hehe.

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    All our shades except Bella have been removed and instead we have brought in 5 new so nice colors! And Bella is of course still there (it's my favorite for bridal make-up!) So in total there are 6 shades in our range.

    Matt black sleeves of very high quality that feel "proper" to hold. The lid is closed with a magnet, which also feels very luxurious! So nice!

    The texture is very creamy and when it has been sitting on the lips for a while, you feel that the lipstick feels "fixed" and sits incredibly well. It's like no cream that glides around when you talk, drink, etc. But it's still a creamy surface, so they are not like matte lipstick.

    It is also incredibly comfortable, it almost feels like you have nothing on your lips at all.

    The darkest shade Date Night has a slightly "firmer" consistency because it contains so extremely much pigment. It is neither bu nor bä in my opinion, just a statement :)

    The lipsticks are moisturizing and caring for the lips and contain castor oil, sunflower oil, natural waxes, vitamins A, C and E as well as green tea extract.

    Application & results
    It is very quick to apply these because all colors are solid in one sweep and become even in the pigments immediately, very nice!

    Even sharp edges with a brush are easy because the formula is so pigment-rich and glides easily on the skin. I who paint far beyond my own lip think that this is very important because my normal skin has some pores and stuff on it, so if the lipsticks do not slide easily on the skin, it looks uneven and choppy. But these work super well!

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    Even before the update, these stayed on the lips for a long time, but it is especially at this point that I notice a difference from the previous variants! It feels as if the lipsticks are attached to the lips in a completely different way, which is more common among matte lipsticks and not such "classic" lipsticks. So really two thumbs up for durability!

    And now for the most fun - swatch pictures!

    Perfect mix of bright, neutral and festive tones. You can not have too many lipsticks, but if I only had these 6 shades, I would have done well, that's how it feels!

    Confetti - A very light but soft pink tone
    Bella - A light peach pink tone with discreet gold shimmer
    Knockout - A warm coral color
    Pillow talk - Incredibly useful my lips but better color
    Love potion - Pink and very soft tone
    Date Night - Deep, dark red-pink

    To get even more feeling for how all colors look, I have also taken full pictures of the face when I have the different lipsticks on me :) I think you get an even better overall impression then.

    Lightest shade Confetti.

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    Light pink Bella which is a little darker and a little softer in tone than Confetti is.

    Knockout is so nice when you want color on the lips! A soft coral color.

    Pillow talk I call a "My lips but better shade", very useful.

    Love potion is a nice tone if you want a color that is more visible but still not very dark.

    And then this wow color, Date Night! How nice you feel in this one!

    And this is how everyone looks on the lips - comprehensive, even and nice!

    It's really hard to say a favorite because everyone is so heavenly useful in different ways, but Date Night is the one I personally fell for the most! You do not need any other make-up than this so you are ready to go :)

    And the holiday and summer favorite is Knockout, love that coral color!

    Summary: The whole feeling of the lipstick is luxury and quality! Both packaging, content and results. All shades are incredibly useful and fine.

    HERE can you buy lipsticks online!

    Shout out if you have any questions :)

    Hug ♥



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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Pillow talk really looks perfect! Must order it haha.
      Could you show how to put on make-up when you want to look your best? So which make-up do you feel most powerful and good-looking in? Think that kind of thing is interesting!

      • Yes, of course it is, so nice! That particular shade was sold out immediately and even though we received a new delivery today, we have already sold so we only have one left in stock! If you are fast you have time to click it home before it runs out again :)

        Yes absolutely, fun idea! Will spell out such a post :)

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