Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards 2016

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    Now I have ingested a number of cups of coffee and am finally starting to perk up after yesterday! We took the train home at twelve so it did not happen so late but when you have an hour's journey to Uppsala, the train was a little late, etc., it's quite a while before you lie down in bed at home and go to sleep.

    But we had incredible fun! Annika also came along, which was a little extra fun ”fun then Annika gets to see a little of your worldSaid Miska haha, as if galas were everyday food for me! :)

    Here are some pictures from the evening:

    IMG_9926_111Annika with Kate Wacz who sat on the jury when Annika won her two Swedish Championship golds in makeup!


    The atmosphere was great! :)

    swedish-beauty - & - cosmetics-awards

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    Dear Carin Da Silva was a presenter, she is so wonderful!


    Annika sat next to Therese Lindgren and started talking about permanent makeup, here there is talk of before and after pictures in large numbers :) Which is almost impossible not to do when you meet Annika, how many people go to galas completely unmade up haha. Everyone is equally shocked when she says what she works with and that she is 100% unmade up, only tattooed and with colored + permanent eyelashes :)

    I am very naturally tattooed, but sick cool that you can look as perfectly made up all the time as Annika does!


    We also sat at the same table as the awesome makeup artists Ellinoramanda.com and Makeupbylina.com :) You really should check out their beauty blogs, so good! ♥


    Not many rock a pregnant belly as grandly as Carin!

    swedish-beauty - & - cosmetics-awards-2016

    Have you smelled Marie Serneholt's perfume? So good! And to the right you see the best Hairology! ♥

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    Dior was humble enough when they won the prize… two ugly fingers against the audience hahaha!


    As you can see, we had an incredibly nice evening! And when we arrived in Uppsala, Miska was standing with the car at the station waiting for us, so go! Both Annika and I are really close from the station, but heels together with the enormously heavy, stuffed goodie bag do not go together haha.

    Now I will continue the working day and afterwards Miska and I will celebrate, because it is his birthday today! Woop, woop! Can you guess how old he is? :)

    Hope you have a great Friday too! ♥



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