Symmetry in the face

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    Do you mind that your eyes are different sizes or that you can never get the same makeup on both eyes?

    Asymmetry in the face is something that is very easy to disturb, but you should not do it because everyone is more or less asymmetrical! It's just a matter of first seeing the charm in it, and then also learning to "work" with it. In addition, you can in principle not be completely symmetrical because when you smile, talk and move, you will not automatically be exactly the same on both sides of the face.

    When I say that you can work with it, I mean that if you study the face and know which parts are different, you can with the help of makeup get e.g. the nose to look straighter and the eyes to look the same size. And if you are often on cards (like me in my job, for example), you can also study the two halves of the face to see which of them you think is the most beautiful - that side you can always try to have against the camera.

    I took a picture straight from the front of myself today when I smile a little, and have put the halves of the face together so you can see what I would have looked like if I had been completely symmetrical:

    symmetry face

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    One is my personal beauty page, and the other is the page I can never get good on cards. Of course I do not mean that I think one side is ugly, it's just a way to explain :)

    The details that make my ugly side, in my opinion, less attractive are because my nose is slanted in that direction (so if I take photos from that side, my nose looks very long) and also my eye is a little flatter on that side and I prefer my big, open eye more.

    When I smile, one eyebrow also becomes much straighter than the other.

    This is what the picture really looks like:


    fulsida  nice page

    Interesting huh? Do you know which side is your nice side or ugly side and is that something you usually think about? :)

    As I said, no one is completely symmetrical and I myself just think that it is charming with asymmetry in the face, there is nothing to walk around and ponder! I have written this post mostly because I think it is interesting, in addition I hope that you who have some asymmetrical detail you bother with can see the charm of it instead - or use my tips on working around it with makeup and angles so that you feel super good-looking anyway, because you are!


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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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