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    Video tutorial

    Here is the video of yesterday's make-up! Hope you like it ♥

    Pixi makeup tutorial

    As I wrote yesterday, there is now a larger assortment of Pixi on Byher.se, super fun :) And therefore I now thought to show you a ...

    Video - Fastforward makeup

    Do you remember the makeup I did with white and colorful eye shadows last week? I filmed at the same time and have now done a fastforward film for you so ...

    Today's makeup - Blue eyeliner

    Here is a step-by-step make-up on a down-to-earth brown eye makeup with hints of blue :) Hope you like it! Always start by applying eyeshadow primer ...

    Taylor Swift Makeup tutorial

    I think it's very fun to show celebrity-inspired make-up, and it seems to be appreciated by you too so it's super fun :) The only boring thing ...