Take care of permanent hair

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    I get a lot of questions about how to take care of permanent hair. When I blogged about my new curly hair (the post permanent hair before & after) then it was completely new.

    Therefore, I promised you an update later when I "got to know" my hair more. I recommend that you read the first post too! There I write more about the treatment itself, choosing a hairdresser and how the hair turned out immediately afterwards.

    Now it has been 10 weeks so now comes a more detailed review! As well as info about my new hair care routine, both how I care and how I style my hair :)

    Hair care permanent hair

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    Am I still happy with my permanent hair?

    If you compare the pictures from the first post, I'm very much more happy now actually! The deep cleaning in connection with the hairdresser's visit washed away all the silver tint. As a result, I was not completely happy with the tone of the hair color, I want a very cool tone on the hair. In addition, it was completely unstyled in the pictures.

    Now it's more like the result I was looking for! I did not perpetuate my hair primarily for the curls, but for the volume and liveliness. It is very nice with a big and preferably a little sloppy hair, I think. Like Carrie Bradshaw or Shakira! :) In addition, I wanted a more easily fixed hairstyle, because the hair without styling is flat like a wet cat and I love volume.

    Both wishes turned out as I had hoped! :) There is natural volume and fullness in the hair in a nice sloppy way, and my morning routine goes fast as seventeen!

    Evening routine for permanent hair

    The only thing I do in the evening is that I sleep in a nightcap! :) Annika has sewn it for me and embroidered flowers with her embroidery machine, awesome! My hair gets more tangles during the day now than before, so I sort it out with my fingers before I put on my hat.

    I do not like to sleep with released hair because it wears so much, for example when Miska happens to lie down on it haha. Before I slept in braids, which I do not want now with the permanent caps, but now I just put everything in the hat!

    sleep with permanent hair

    Morning routine for permanent hair

    3 quick steps!
    When I have slept, I often look like a troll haha. But the curls themselves are then quite flat after I lay on them. In addition, I get frizzy hair after just one day, so when I have pulled my fingers through the hair, it does not look so fun.

    But it takes a maximum of one minute to cure!

    products permanent hair

    This is what my hair looks like when I pull my fingers through it. I do not brush it with a brush anymore because then it will be fresh! Curly on the scalp and without curls in the lengths.

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    best dry shampoo

    Step 1 - Spray dry shampoo on the scalp and massage in.

    My favorite dry shampoo for volume is Lernberget Stafsing Dry Shampoo (adlink) and if you want a lighter and fresher feeling, I like it Löwengrip Good to Go (adlink). If you want a perfume-free alternative, I actually like ICA's own dry shampoo :)

    moisture for permanent hair

    Step 2 - Spray any type of moisture in the lengths!

    I first used a self-mixed bottle with water + conditioner. However, discovered that when I moisten my hair with water every day, it starts to smell a little musty after a few days. It kind of smells like a little wet dog. I do not know why.

    But that problem disappeared after I switched to different leave-in conditioners and curl sprays instead. Have tested several different things and realized that the product / brand itself is not so important, as long as it is moist it gives the right effect :)

    DS Leave-in Conditioner (adlink) is good! My hairdresser uses that brand and I also have their volume spray at home which is great, DS Texturizing Spray (adlink). Like that the brand is fragrance free.

    permanent hair

    Step 3 - Squeeze the curls (which are now a little damp, not wet) and fluff up the hair on the scalp so you get the volume.

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    Clear! :)

    permanent hair aftercare

    Wash permanent hair

    Many people are shocked when I say that I have hair wrapping every wash. Especially when I add info that I let it work for at least an hour, often more haha.

    But I only wash my hair once a week and I'd rather do it properly once I do! If you include the total time, I think I spend less time on hair washing compared to people who wash their hair every / every other day.

    Here's how I do it:

    1. Silver shampoo x2, the second time I let it ache for a few minutes.
    2. The hair wrap I vary a bit, sometimes I have one with only moisture and sometimes one with both moisture and proteins. I take a click in my hand and mix (directly in my hand) in a color cream in the wrap to keep the blonde tone cool and nice.
    3. Then I go out of the shower and walk around the house with the hair wrap any time. Before, I used to wrap my hair in it because when the wrap dries, it stops hurting. But then I discovered that the color cream will be more effective if it is allowed to dry into the hair, so now I have stopped using it = can have less color cream in the mixture = more economical!
    4. Conditioner! Before I permed my hair, it became silky smooth already after wrapping, but now a good conditioner is required that closes the scalp layer for the hair to feel so well-groomed and wonderful! No action time, have in and rinse out immediately

    After the shower, I take a small dollop of conditioner and put it in my hair (like a leave-in cream, although it is my usual conditioner). Then volume mousse in the scalp and a regular hair mousse in the lengths and hugs the curls.

    I then only blow-dry the scalp, because the volume mousse does not become as effective if the hair dries itself. The lengths, on the other hand, can dry themselves, which is very fast when the bottom is already dry.

    Products for permanent hair

    Silver shampoo, hair wrap (the one called FIL and sometimes the one called MIX), conditioner and hair mousse are from the brand Hårologi, which is only available at the salon.

    Other products I use are:

    • The color cream: Milk_Shake Direct Color (adlink) in the shade Powder. It should actually be used as a toning, mixing it in the hair wrap is my own invention. If I do not have it in the hair wrap, I have it as leave in after the hair wash. So a little conditioner and a little color cream mixed.
    • Volume mousse: Maria Nila Pure Volume (adlink) I think is the best!

    I'm getting a lot of questions about my hair color right now and it's thanks to that color cream. It is SUPER GOOD! It contains silicones but it is so good so I still use it even though I advocate silicone-free hair products. Much better than regular paint packaging.

    Sometimes the tone of my hair differs a bit, sometimes it is more gray, sometimes more rosé and sometimes just a nice cool blonde. It depends on whether I have used the shade Powder or Beige Blonde and how much and how long I have had the effect.

    Hair quality after permanent

    Immediately after the treatment, the hair quality felt just as usual! The difference I noticed, however, was that when I washed my hair it felt rough / worn. But as soon as I had had in conditioner and then after drying it was as usual again, so no disaster! :)

    Now 10 weeks later it is not the same feeling at all, so I guess it was a bit worn and that my careful wrapping has now done the trick.

    In other words, the quality was a bit affected (but barely noticeable) by the treatment, but it could be restored with good hair care products!

    Permanent hair pictures

    As I said, I'm really happy, it's so easy to maintain and still nice! Even when I have set it up, it is nicer than before because the tassel becomes fluffy and nicely sloppy right away.

    If I have released hair, I often have one fringe behind the ear and then that hair loop can be a little straight, but as I said, it is the volume I am looking for and not the curls so it does not matter to me.

    If you have any questions, you know that it's just a matter of shouting! :)

    Also read: Permanent hair before & after

    Hugs are! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey!
      I got my hair permanent a month ago. My hair is blonde (colored). The permanent was a total failure, the hair is dry, frizzy and straight, hardly any curls. My hair feels lifeless despite doing what the hairdresser said.
      Do you get permanent colored hair? Some say no.

      • It will be different for everyone, but there are many who permanently dye their hair when they have also dyed it before. Which means that the permanent does not adhere well to the hair. I myself have dyed my hair a bit and now permanently it curly, it turned out well but in some places it does not stick as well.

        So with the answer to your question I would say that it is possible but your hair wears extremely much!

    2. I have just permanently my hair but it will be a bit straight but still not because I have short hair so big curls ran back there but I have had gaming tricks on me so I do not know if it will be good? It's the first day

      • Hi Hugo! Headphones (or other types of pressure, such as when sleeping against the pillow or wearing a hat) make the curls shave in that area. So it is not strange and it will not affect the end result. Moisten your hair and squeeze the curls again and they will come back! :)

    3. Hey!
      How long did your permanent stay? Did your lengths become straight the day after you did it?
      I permed in the middle of yesterday, and this morning when I woke up it looked most fresh and straight. (However, the volume remains due to the freshness, but not much to curls) Do you think it will be better after the first wash with conditioner? Do not soak it in 48 hours according to my hairdresser, so have to wait until tomorrow. :)
      Mvh Emma

      • Hey! It's over a year ago and my hair is still curly! However, with long outgrowth that is straight + has cut off much of the permanent hair. But some of the lengths still have permanent curls :)

        I do not remember how mine was the next day, but yes it shaves when you sleep because you lie on your hair and then it shapes itself as you lie on it. So in the beginning I always moisturized it and hugged the curls in the morning. So it sounds like it might be the same for you? If the curls were nice yesterday, they will at least not disappear!

        However, I made a permanent failure many years ago, which became too straightforward. Then it was a little curly right afterwards but the hairdresser fought the curls with heat and products. Then it was kind of just worn, not curly at all. Of course it can happen too - but then you should have noticed it already yesterday. Hug! :)

    4. So heavenly nice with permanent! Have had 2 after each other with six months in between. The hair did not feel good after a while, now I have let my very own color grow out, so have completely untreated (= boring).

      • Thank you!! :) If I do it again I will only get permanent scalp, my hairdresser does so :) Then you do not have to do the treatment on the same hair twice! So you can cut and freshen to the lengths to get the curls more there. I notice that the curls at the bottom of the tops are not as defined now that the hair has grown a bit, partly the tops are a bit dry and need to be trimmed, but also the length makes the hair weigh down a bit.

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