Tattoo makeup!

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    Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattoo as it is also called, is makeup that is tattooed on the face. Scary is the first thought, but really smart in my opinion!

    Unlike a regular tattoo, this does not sit so deep, but fades with time (different time depending on tattoo and color) but usually lasts 1-5 years.


    Permanent makeup is a smart idea on many levels. Both for young and old. Here are some examples!

    Feel good-looking even without make-up (training, on the beach, etc.)
    Sparse eyebrows, or if you want to change the shape.
    Visual impairment and therefore has difficulty putting on make-up.
    Goes faster in the morning.
    Scars on the scalp or eyebrows.
    It is difficult to apply make-up technically, for example get the eyebrows the same or have over the years find it difficult to apply a nice eyeliner.
    Blurred lip contours.
    If you suffer from allergies / watery eyes.

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    I have my eyebrows tattooed, because I naturally have very sparse eyebrows and can not pick the shape I want without it looking strangely unmade. I therefore chose to pick them that way anyway, because I'm basically always made up in any case. I also wanted them a little higher!

    But now I love my eyebrows, no longer feel naked without makeup :)


    I'm also going to tattoo lashliner (a black fringe marking on the upper lash line), a light eyeliner along the lash line to open up the eye, and maybe the lips too! Perfect before the summer :)


    Here are my eyebrows before and after.
    In the afterimage, they are completely new, and very dark. They got a nice natural blonde color after about a week!

    Here are a few more pictures from Creative Make Up, where I got a tattoo with make up artist Annika Söderlund!


    Lashliner up and down.


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    Scar coverage.

    LPP_TA ~ 1

    The difference between these lips then !!


    It is very common to have sparse eyebrows with age. Then this is perfect!
    The shape of the eyebrow can also open up the whole gaze. For example, if you have sagging eyelids, you can suddenly look 10 years younger with a pair of new eyebrows :)



    Black lash marking + light along the waterline, and eyebrows.


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    Here is Annika's own eye, completely unmade, just tattoos! No mascara either, fringe industry Revitalash + brow color.

    Blir ni sugna? :)


    Feel free to ask questions! It would be a very long post if I printed out all the information. Or read more carefully :)

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