Tattooed eyebrows - the time of healing

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    Gets many questions about tattooed eyebrows and how long the healing time is and more. So now I thought I would go through it in this post about eyebrow tattooing!

    Anyway, I'm sitting here with newly tattooed eyebrows (very happy!) And thought I'd take the opportunity to write a bit about the healing time when tattooing eyebrows.

    It is the case that during these 4 years at Creative Makeup, I do not know how many times I have answered the question "how awful do you look afterwards?"And"can I go to work during the healing period?”.

    Tattooed eyebrows, how do you do that?

    This is how it is:

    1. The eyebrows are a lot (!) darker and sharper immediately afterwards. Permanent makeup SHOULD look too much afterwards because it becomes so much milder after the healing, so if it had looked right immediately afterwards, it would have been too little later.
    2. But the tattoo is still just small lines, so you do not get a scab on the whole eyebrow that looks strange, each straw is a small crust if you look very closely but no one does. If, on the other hand, you tattoo your entire lips then the healing is a bit nice because you get a scab on your mouth.

    In other words: the tattoo is dark and sharp which feels unusual, but it still looks nice!

    Here is the result:

    Tattooed eyebrows - the healing time before and after

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    I've had tattooed eyebrows before but it's almost gone now. It is semi-permanent and I last filled them in 5 years ago, so this was needed! Surely it turned out fine? :)

    Since I was the very first test person and Miska only did this for training purposes, he and Annika chose a color mixture that is so weak that it can hardly be seen after the healing. But it does not matter to me, you had never done so on a real customer :) And yet it looks very dark now day two.

    Dark & sharp

    It does not matter how careful we are to explain this in advance, you still get calls from anxious customers sometimes who think that the tattoo has become too dark. Then the same customers can say on the return visit that the tattoo is too light. It will be such a big difference :)

    Warmer tone

    In addition, the color is warmer during healing, which is partly due to the fact that you always tattoo with a warmer color than how you want the end result to be, because under the skin the color always gets colder. If you tattooed with a reasonably cold color immediately, it would turn gray later. But it is also because the tattoo is actually a small wound and all wounds are red, it's just that it does not look very red on a tattoo because it is mixed with so much color.

    Make up after an eyebrow tattoo?

    Now you know that eyebrow tattoos still look nice during healing (but unusual). What I feel myself is mostly that it feels strange with such dark and filled eyebrows if the rest of the face is completely unmade up. I usually never make up mascara without base either, then I prefer to skip everything. There you are different only :)

    So today I threw on some base, lips and eyes and then I look like this:

    Tattooed eyebrows - the time of healing

    Dark but nice as I said! :)

    You should never wear make-up on the tattooed area during healing due to the risk of infection. When e.g. tattoo eyeliner, most people usually book lash color and lash lift before, so you do not need mascara - because you really must not have it.

    But you do not need to be unmade up all over your face when you have tattooed your eyebrows, you just have to avoid that area and use clean brushes and products. The customers are responsible for the hygiene when they leave the salon, so if you want to be safer, you skip makeup, of course. But if you are careful with clean stuff and only make up around the eyebrows, the risk of infection is minimal.

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    You also get a little mañana when you work with this yourself, I make up with lipstick and stuff when I tattooed my lips as well. But customers are not allowed to do that;)

    I also usually think about not doing such a "hard" make-up that it is difficult to wash off - because you should avoid soaking your brows unnecessarily much. You can shower but you do not have to rinse your face with water as well. I usually wash my eyebrows with a cotton pad moistened with lukewarm water and clean the rest of my face with makeup remover on a cotton pad as well.


    Otherwise, there are no strange things, you lubricate morning and evening (with tops, no dirty fingers!) With a cream you get at the salon. Then you just have to wait for a few days and it is absolutely forbidden to pick at the crusts.

    After a week it is healed but after 2 weeks you can with certainty assess how the color turned out. It is almost always necessary to fill in a little in some places, sometimes the whole tattoo needs to be filled in again. Therefore, a return visit is included in the price.

    Tattooed eyebrows - the time of healing

    Now we are going to invite a friend to pasta with sauce of black trumpet mushroom, think I have a guy who both tattoos my eyebrows and cooks delicacies. My God .. ♥

    Read more about our treatments and book an appointment online on our website!

    If you liked the post about tattooed eyebrows and would like to tattoo your eyebrows yourself, get in touch! If you have any questions or concerns, leave a comment! Can also recommend reading my other posts about permanent makeup.

    Happy Friday everyone! :)

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