Tattooed eyeliner & light inliner + lash lift

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    How to get brighter eyes without makeup? That answer comes here! A tattooed eyeliner & light inliner + lash lift simply! :)

    Before we went to South Africa, I booked a lash lift and lash paint from Olga. So luxurious when you own your own salon, you are at work and get an unplanned gap and in a second you lie down and get fixed lashes instead;)

    What I like almost most about lash lift is not only that the lashes look so good, as if you had permanent mascara (though better, for me who likes separated and natural lashes) without it highlighting my makeup tattoos so much!

    I always have lively eyes thanks to tattooed eyeliner & light inliner, but after a lash lift it is almost like I am newly tattooed again!

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    1 + 1 = 3 as Annika usually says. Everything emphasizes each other so the effect together becomes twice as large compared to every single detail separately.

    The links in the post go to my own web shop and salon

    Tattooed eyeliner & light inliner + lash lift

    This is how my eyes look completely unmade up, in the picture you see tattooed eyeliner and light inliner clearly! Have only done base + brows.

    Natural but still effective, right? :)

    refectocil lash lift

    I use Refectocil Styling Gel (formerly called Long lash gel, it's the same) to the brows and lashes to care for them. It contains vitamin E, D-Panthenol and glycerin which strengthens the lashes, which is perfect after lash lift and brow lift. Like a conditioner!

    At the same time, it works like a fringe or transparent mascara! On the eyebrows I love the effect, on the lashes I only have it because the caring properties for the lash lift are so nice anyway.

    Ps. this nice matte lipstick is glo Skin Beauty Suede Matte Crayon in the shade Bombshell, which is also the brand in our webshop Available in more colors as well, nice and very durable!

    Tattooed eyeliner & light inliner + lash lift

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    Drawn some arrows if it is difficult to see exactly where I have tattooed eyeliner & inliner + lash lift is:

    Eyeliner Light - A black line in the scalp of the lashes. Not so wide that it is over the lash line (when you close your eyes) then you can book medium. Light is just between the lashes only.

    Inliner - Light along the waterline / mucous membrane inside the lower fringe. Opens the gaze and removes redness. I like this one the most, if I had to choose I would have chosen this over the black eyeliner (but luckily I do not have to choose !!)

    Lash lift - A permanent bending of the lashes + lash color. Also called permanent eyelash or lash lamination.

    The lashes last for several weeks. The color lasts for up to 6 weeks and the bend lasts longer (it grows away and the lashes' own cycle is about 2 months). So the customers who come regularly do lash paint every 5 weeks and lashlift + lash paint every 10 weeks.

    The eyeliner and inliner last for several years! I made mine about 8 years ago now and did not even go on the return visit because it stuck so well right away. That was before Annika and I started working together, then I was a regular customer. What if you knew what was coming :)

    Tattooed eyeliner & light inliner + lash lift

    So nice to throw on the base, eyebrows and lips but still have highlighted eyes automatically. Otherwise I would have needed 3 more products: Eyeliner, light eyeliner and mascara.

    You can be completely unmade up too, but I like to put on make-up and fix it for myself! :) Some want to avoid putting on make-up completely while others (like me) just want to simplify. Then you can spend time on lips or freckles instead;)

    permanent makeup eyeliner

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    Both Annika and Olga at Creative Makeup do eyeliner tattoos (Olga only does size light) but Olga also does a lash lift (which Zahra and Ida also do) so do you know what you can do? Book it all this same day! Then you also have such lively eyes even when you are unmade up! :)

    Book online on our website here!

    If you want nice eyebrows too, read my post about all about browlift!

    Hope you liked the post and thought it was interesting to see tattooed eyeliner & light inliner. :) Get in touch if you have any questions!

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