Tbt - Talking makeup in podcast!

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    Now it's about 1 ½ years since I was talking about makeup in Flora Wiström and Elin Östmans podcast "What are you wearing?" as they did in collaboration with Swedish Radio.

    Today I listened to it again after not hearing it since it was published!

    It was completely different to listen to yourself when you still remembered the questions and what you answered, then you become much more self-critical and listen to all the bad details more than listening to everything good you actually say. But today I had no idea what I answered until I heard myself say it, and I actually think it turned out very well:)

    Definitely something I would like to do more times!

    You who have not heard it (and you who may want to listen again?) Have 51 minutes of listening here!

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    Glad that in the beginning when I was not there than "diss" to completely bleach my hair, and then I get there with just completely bleached hair haha; )

    But now I'm actually going to my hairdresser Lynn Creative Zone which will freshen up my hair color a bit, then there will be dinner with the best Nicolin in Stockholm and after that an event with The You Way before I go home again.

    This is what my hair color looks like right now:

    Pretty long rat-colored outgrowth, and my faded tops tend to look a little green in some light. I'll talk to Lynn a bit and then see exactly how we do, but I think I will keep the medium color as it is, lighten the tops more and maybe a little brighter in front of the face, and color away the rat-colored tone of the scalp but still have about that darkness. A clearer and fresher ombre simply! What do you think about that? Shows the result tomorrow!

    Hope you have a nice day!

    Hug hug!

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    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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