Teeth whitening in Uppsala!

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    I have written a post about professional teeth whitening on my blog Helenaronnblad.se, you can have a look at that post here!

    For a smile is the finest make-up you can have, and therefore I have brushed up my teeth a little extra with a teeth whitening so that they can be seen even more :)

    I want to write a bit about this on Modern Mom too, so that no one who is interested in this misses! This is because Emelie Nixon, or "Stjärnornas Tandblekare" as she is also called as she is an obvious choice for many famous people, she has now also started making bookings in Uppsala!

    So all of you from Uppsala and near Uppsala, you no longer have to go all the way to Stockholm to get the perfect teeth whitening :)

    Emelie works selected days at the salon Creative Make Up (in the middle of town, near the bus and train station) and you can call and book on 018 - 10 50 13 or text on 070 78 67 699! The normal price is SEK 4,500, but right now she has an offer for only SEK 2,900!

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    before-after teeth whitening

    Here are before and after pictures of my teeth that Emelie bleached the other day!

    Emelie uses Brilliant Smile, which is the leading method in clinic bleaching in Sweden. She is a trained dental nurse and is, as I said, very sought after, and if you look through her Instagram (@Enixontandblekning) you will recognize almost every smile! Most recently yesterday was e.g. Linus Svenning there who made himself smile-ready for the Melodifestivalen 2015, and 5 days ago both Agneta Sjödin and Tobias Karlsson were there and became Luciafina. And in November, she even faded in a live broadcast on Malou After Ten!

    I think it is important to mention this with famous people, because they are people who are often seen and who probably ask around which is the best before they choose where they want to whiten their teeth. And since I write here on Laila and Pernilla's page, I can also mention that Pernilla's brother Niclas Wahlgren has also got a whiter smile from Emelie :)


    If you want to read / see more of the treatment itself, click on mine blog posts about it, I have both written about how it works + posted the clip from Malou After Ten where you can see very clearly how Emelie works!

    teeth whitening-brilliant-smile

    I wanted as white teeth as possible, and when we looked at the shade scale with different tooth shades before, I was 5 shades darker than the lightest on the scale. And after the bleaching, my teeth were even whiter than the lightest! :)

    If you have any questions, shout out!

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