Teeth whitening in Uppsala!

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    Yesterday I was in Uppsala and did something I have never done professionally before, I whitened my teeth!

    Emelie Nixon, better known as "Stjärnornas Tandblekare" is now taking bookings in Uppsala as well! On some selected days, she is at the salon Creative Make Up (right in the center), so all of us who are closer to Uppsala than Stockholm do not have to go that far :)

    Emelie is a trained dental nurse and works with the brand Brilliant Smile, Sweden's leading method in clinic bleaching. She has whitened the teeth of many famous people, the list is long, and just a month ago she actually participated and bleached in a live broadcast on Malou After Ten!

    before-after teeth whitening

    Here is my result!

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    I'm soooo happy! I told her to bleach them as much as possible (you can choose different strengths) and my teeth are even whiter than the lightest on the shade scale she had! Before, I was 5 shades darker than the lightest.

    The normal price for a treatment is SEK 4,500, but right now Creative Make Up in Uppsala has an opening offer - a treatment for SEK 2,900! :) Call and book on 018 - 10 50 13.


    This is how it works:

    1. Start by brushing your teeth to remove superficial coatings, stains and any tartar. However, she did not have to do that to me, I was ready to go;)

    2. Then apply a liquid plastic mass along the gum line, to protect the gums from the gel.

    Gel with hydrogen peroxide is applied directly to the teeth and activated with blue plasma light. The light itself does not fade, it speeds up the bleaching process by activating the gel. Plasma light is completely free of carcinogenic UV light and harmful wavelengths.

    4. Rinse off the gel and apply again after 20 minutes, and do this three times.

    The whole treatment takes a little more than an hour, and then Nanoseal is applied to the teeth, which means that you can eat and drink immediately afterwards! Some charge about SEK 500 extra for Nanoseal, but that is included in the price at Emelie.

    teeth whitening-brilliant-smile

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    The durability of course varies depending on how well you take care of your teeth, but you usually say about 5 years. But if you smoke, snuff and drink coffee and red wine very often, it can last a shorter time, but for me who has neither easy to get yellow teeth nor mistreat them, for me it can last for probably 10 years!


    Tooth decay is common with teeth whitening, but in fact quite unusual with Brilliant Smile, some people feel it in the evening but 95% does not feel it at all.

    This is partly due to the fact that Brilliant Smiles gel has a neutral pH value, which means that the bleaching will not etch the tooth surface or change the structure of the enamel molecules. It does not hurt the teeth in the least! In addition, the gel contains ingredients that counteract irritation, strengthen teeth and repair damage to tooth enamel. So you can even get healthier and stronger teeth! :)

    But people with sensitive teeth (often young people) can it hurts, and I have extremely many problems with rashes so I actually felt it already on the treatment. But only in 2-3 teeth in the lower jaw, and it is so unusual that I looked at Emelie that she was shocked when I said that it hurried haha. It also felt in the evening, then in more teeth, but not so that it was unbearable or so! She said I could take Alvedon or Ipren if it got hard, because it hurried so early, but I never had to.

    But as I said, I have very sensitive teeth, sometimes people look at me when I drink something cold "how strange you drink!”And that's because over the years I have developed a special technique for drinking without touching my teeth haha. I don 't even think about it anymore, that's just how I drink now :)

    teeth whitening-uppsala
    Fina Emelie!

    Here is the clip from Malou After Ten, if you want to see exactly how it works! :)

    It is important that you do not confuse this teeth whitening with those that are offered cheaply at, for example, Let´s Deal, Groupon and various fairs. They say that they do "real clinic bleaching" but what they actually do is a so-called "touch up", which means shorter treatment time and weaker bleaching gel. A real clinic bleaching with Emelie means 20-35% bleaching gel and 3 times 20 minutes duration of action. A touch up is 6% whitening gel that is applied once.

    Shout out if you have any questions! :)

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    1. What a difference it made! How fun! :) Fun to read that you have a special technique to drink, because I have it! It hurts a lot in the teeth if I drink in the wrong way;) Too bad I live far from Uppsala, because I got really hungry for the same treatment when it seems so good :)

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