Cover large pores

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Maria sa…
Do you have any tips to cover large pores (not black), but well visible. As well as glossy he? What powder do you use? Is all glomineral.

Tests cc crème + powder but the pores are only more visible, as if the cc cream goes into the pores and I get a spot on my nose :-( Take care of you and your nice blog !!!


Even if you do not have a lot of pimples, you may still want to cover large pores on the face.

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I was going to get to the bottom of this - what pores really are and how to reduce or cover them!

cover large pores

What are pores?

At each strand of hair there is a sebaceous gland. There are about 100,000 sebaceous glands all over the body and most are located on the head, face, and upper chest and back. The sebaceous gland produces a type of fat, which comes out through an opening and this is called pores.

If there is a blockage in a pore, a pimple develops.

The oil that comes out of the pores is for lubricating and protecting the skin, as well as making it supple. You get bigger pores if you sunbathe a lot, have unbalanced hormones (for example during menstruation or pregnancy) or generally oily skin.

You also get larger pores as you get older, because the skin becomes less elastic and has difficulty contracting. However, large pores and oily skin reduce the appearance of wrinkles, so you can be a little happy about that too :)


How can I shrink the pores?

Deeply cleanses the skin through a "facial sauna". There is a specific facial sauna to buy (for example this) but you can also boil water in a saucepan and then keep your head over. The heat opens the pores and the water vapor cleans them of dirt and oil.

facial sauna for large pores

Then scrub the skin with an exfoliator while the pores are open. Finish with cold water, to close the pores.

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Then bathe the skin with a toner with astringent effect, which causes the pores to contract and become smaller. For example Vichy's toner which is available at Apoteket.

It is important to find products that suit your skin. It's a jungle out there with lots of ingredients to keep track of. A tip is to keep track of the text "non-comedogenic", which means that the product does not clog the pores. An example of a brand with this text is Dermalogica.

cover large pores products


How should I cover large pores?

My best trick is to use a face primer that fills the pores and gives a more easy-to-work surface. I like gloMinerals Face Primer.

If you then choose a liquid, cream or powder foundation is a bit of a matter of taste. I like powder on myself as it suits my oily skin best, but if you have very large pores, a cream foundation can give a more natural result.

Do not apply too many coats of foundation, as it will become heavy on the skin and sink into the pores during the day. If you choose a liquid foundation or one in cream form, it can be good to apply a thin layer of loose powder over for a more matte result. A glossy surface highlights the pores.

Avoid shimmery products on the face, it highlights irregularities and your pores will appear much more.

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I basically only use gloMinerals basic makeup at the moment, but I also like it Pure Minerals very much!

cover large pores


Hope the post was helpful!


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