The Body Shop Gel Eyeliner

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    One of the nominations at the Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards was The Body Shops Gel Eyeliner, and since we got it in the goodie bag, I have now tested it and thought of giving my review! :)


    "Smoky 2 in 1 Gel Liner - eyes and brows" it says on it and should therefore work both as eyeliner and to fill in the eyebrows, but I only have the black shade so can not comment on how it works on the eyebrows.

    The fun and smart thing about this gel eyeliner is that you can remove the top of the long shaft and then there is a small brush in there, and you can either use it as it is (short shaft) or attach it to the cork again fixed in the other direction so the whole lid becomes like a long shaft :)

    Often when there are included brushes, they are usually not that good, but I actually like this one! It is very, very flat so it works super well even if you want to make thin lines. It feels practical to be able to put the used brush back so that it does not lie and smudge in the make-up bag.

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    This is what the little brush looks like :)


    The eyeliner itself I like very much too, incredibly good! It glides easily on the eyelid and becomes sharp and carbon black, super easy to apply and get even. In addition, the durability is very good.

    The only negative is that it does not dry immediately, but once it has dried, the durability is no matter how good, rub-proof and sits as it should all day :)

    Costs SEK 135 and is available for purchase HERE!


    Summary - A carbon black and easily applied eyeliner with really good durability! However, not ideal for you with a lot of skin folds and sagging eyes, as it easily smudges before it dries.

    Any of you who have tested this? :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
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