The most important products for a natural makeup bag

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    I have been asked several times to make a post with tips on products for a "starter kit" with the most important things you need for a make-up bag with only natural products. It has taken a while, but now I have taken up the matter! :)

    When it comes to certain products, I do not think that 100% is important naturally, I love natural products myself, but that a certain part of the content is not, it can be positive for both the quality and the skin. Not all natural ingredients are necessarily good, and vice versa - not all synthetic ingredients are bad either.

    But I absolutely think that you should try to have as much natural as possible, and I try to have it myself as well. It is better for both the environment and yourself, and I think we should take advantage of that as far as possible!

    But a safe card that works well for most basic makeup, it's mineral makeup! Most mineral brands contain 100% pure minerals, and then you have both foundation, blush and sun powder fixed and completely natural :)

    Then what is important to use, it is very individual, but for a base make-up I would like to have at least these four products:
    ♥ Foundation (which can be covered more / less in different areas)
    ♥ Red
    ♥ Bryn (pencil, shadow or whatever you prefer)
    ♥ Mascara
    These are the most important four that I had started with for a complete makeup bag. But personally, I had not managed so little;)

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    Foundation & Rouge - When it comes to mineral makeup, there are several good brands, I like Zuii Organic most but also Yag mineral is great. 100% naturally, and they have both foundation, blush, concealer, and Yag mineral also has sunscreen.
    BrynBenecos Eyebrow Designer is both good, affordable, natural and contains some organic ingredients.
    Mascara - If you want a completely natural mascara that also has organic ingredients, Dr. Hauschka Mascara very good, it gives an everyday and mild result. My favorite though is Paese Adore 3D Lash Mascara, it contains 85% natural ingredients and gives separated and long eyelashes. It will be back in stock soon :)

    Application of so few products
    1. Clean your face and lubricate yourself as usual
    Apply mineral foundation all over the face, and dab a little extra on any areas that need more coverage. Take a smaller brush if you want to use the foundation as a concealer, and dab more on e.g. pimples and the like. If you do not need much coverage at all, foundation is only enough for certain parts, and the rest of the face can be completely unmade up. And since mineral foundation is already dry, you do not need to fix with powder.
    3. Wrap a little blush on the cheeks.
    4. Fill in the eyebrows a little, or a lot;)
    5. Highlight the eyes with mascara, apply on all lashes to open up and get a bigger look, or just on the lashes if you want a more uplifting result.

    Then you can have a little more products depending on whether you have a problem area or want a more fun look, then you can supplement with a face primer (Zuii has natural that is super good) and eyeliner and lipstick / lip gloss to vary the makeup more. But these products are not a "must" in the makeup bag.

    IMG_1920_111 copy

    Starting from minerals, mineral makeup is super good and even other products that are not from classic mineral brands can also consist of a large amount of minerals, and it's great. Minerals hardly do anything with the skin, it does not clog the pores but still allows the skin to breathe. So even eye shadows, lipsticks and all that with minerals are largely natural and often very good. But remember that everything that is 100% naturally is not always good, and that synthetics are not necessarily bad. Often a good mix is the best :) focuses on a lot of natural makeup and also a lot of organic, and at the moment there is not a single brand that does not consist of natural ingredients. And nothing has been tested on animals!

    Get in touch if you have any questions :) ♥

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    Helena Amiley
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