The perfect eyeliner

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Painting a nice eyeliner, and especially eyeliner wing, is a detail that many people have problems with. A few days ago I published one eyelinertutorial which was very much appreciated, so I thought I would continue a little more with the eyeliner talk :)

I have almost always used cake eyeliner - a dry cake that works much like watercolor. But I have started to like gel eyeliners more and more, and use it more and more often!

A gel eyeliner is much easier to work with as you can more "work out" a nice eyeliner shape. It is creamy, and unlike cake eyeliner, you do not need to wet the brush before, you just pick up the eyeliner with a brush and use it as it is.

Those of you who read my posts and product lists when I do make-up, have probably noticed that I have used Oriflames Gel Eyeliner more and more? :) I like it a lot, precisely because it is so easy to work with, the eyeliner wing looks good immediately and it stays in place all day!

I like gel eyeliner a lot too because you can vary it so much, you can just add a little for a discreet lash marking, paint sharp, straight lines, or erase it for a more smoky make-up.

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oriflame gel eyeliner


To get the perfect eyeliner with gel eyeliner:

Choose a fairly stiff brush, either slanted or one with a tapered top, it can be difficult if it is too soft.

2. Start by working the eyeliner firmly into the bottom of the eyelashes, so that there is no skin-colored space where the straws are stuck.

3. Paint a straight line along the lash line, preferably narrower at the corner of the eye.

4. Blur the line if you want a smoky look, otherwise you can keep it straight and in such cases it can help if you add a little thicker layer for that carbon black sharp feeling.

5. You can most easily paint a wing with a lot of eyeliner on a brush when you shape the lower part of the wing, and a little less eyeliner when you shape the tip / top itself. It does not matter if the tip becomes a little lighter, it just makes it look nicely narrow and pointed.

Then you're done!

IMG_6491Here I have used this particular gel eyeliner to get a more smoky look, shitty too!

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Hope the post was helpful! :)


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