The importance of good makeup brushes

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    Having good make-up brushes is a must to get a good-looking make-up. Bad brushes are like a cook with dull knives, or a farmer with a weak tractor. I'm not saying you need many, but if you have a few that are good, you will go a long way.

    Many people say to me "I do not understand how you can get the eye shadow so nice" but they themselves use a super worn, sticky and messy makeup brush that may not even be suitable for eye shadow from the beginning. Then it will be difficult even for a good makeup artist!

    Yesterday I asked my sister Mia if she needs brushes, I will clean mine and throw away the ones I do not use. But she is so interested in makeup and loves products almost as much as I do, so I thought she probably already has good makeup brushes.

    Then we started talking about this and she picked up her makeup bag and showed her makeup brush which she uses for concealer:


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    So oh my god… I can not find any words!

    You'll learn to get tear marks on your face from this!I laughed when I saw it. Mia is a confused mother of small children and explained "it ended up on the stove for a while, so I have had to cut a little at the edges" Lol.

    You can guess what she said when I started making her up with my brushes “Yyyy how soft it feels !!!”. I thought so :)

    But I can imagine that Mia is not alone, or what do you say? Are you careless with your brushes?

    First of all, I can say that a brush in principle can not be so worn if you take care of it. Do not have your brushes in the make-up bag, but let them stand in a jar or similar so that the straws do not get messy.

    And also, if you are interested in make-up and want to do nice make-up (both basic make-up and eye make-up), treat yourself to nice brushes! It does not matter how good and easy to apply products you buy comes be difficult with the wrong tools! In addition, it irritates the skin if you have like this wear brushes.

    IMG_4963_111 - copy

    A few years ago she also showed me her blush brush, it was even worse:

    rotten brush

    These pictures give me anxiety! Do you see the crow's nest !? I do not like the word shall, but a makeup brush ska not have a crow's nest I can actually stand for haha!

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    My sister Malin is a little more careful, but she also said when she bought a kabuki brush from me "I liked Yag minerals foundation before, but now it feels like a completely new foundation!". Because there is a really big difference, not only in the application but also in the result.

    I actually experienced the same thing yesterday, Paese has a mousse foundation that I tested this summer's "Paese Matte Foundation" and did not think it was good enough to take into the webshop. But yesterday I tested it and applied with Nanshy Flawless Foundation Brush and thought it was super good! Also as a completely different foundation :)

    face-brushes-5_1 - copy

    This is how nice a make-up brush should be :)

    In other words, do you want a nicer makeup, treat yourself to nice brushes and take care of them! Especially if they are 10 years old and look like rubbish, throw away, throw away, throw away! It's almost just money in the lake to buy expensive and fine makeup if you have brushes that abuse the skin haha.

    And answer yes, I threw Mia's brush and gave her a new one;)

    Have a nice Sunday! ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! Haha should you laugh or cry? But they look a little funny, I do not understand that it is possible to put on make-up at all. No thank you I know good brushes. It's A and O indeed. Have a good time - Marita

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