Tips for nervousness

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    Everyone reacts differently when they are nervous, I get very red flame both in the face and down on the chest (I also get this when I am warm, happy, playful or stressed, like in other words hehe. For example, I often get so when I make-up or sew, when I notice that it will be great, I will be completely excited, haha!)

    Here are my top makeup tips if you know in advance that you will be nervous:

    1.  Prepare with one green concealer under your foundation in the places you usually turn red.

    2. Since it is usually on the cheeks that you blush the most, put one on red-pink blush which is a bit in the blushing tone, so that if your red cheeks shine through, it melts more and you do not see that it is two different shades. Cover extra around the cheeks as well, because you often blush a little unevenly so you do not want the blush to look uneven as well.

    3. Apply your foundation down on the décolleté / neck also if you like me also turn red there.

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    4. Do not forget to make up your ears!

    5. How to make up your lips depends a bit on how your body reacts when you are nervous. If you get a little shaky and small-stemmed, I recommend a light / nude shade on the lips so that they are not as visible. If you do not, I recommend red lips, it gives a calmer feeling and also steals some focus from other areas, if you for example have a tendency to blink a lot or tense your shoulders.

    6. Do one calm and balanced eye makeup, not a lot of different colors and glitter that can make the whole look a bit messy. A black / brown everyday sweep gives a calmer impression.


    Actually, I'm not a nervous person, not when it comes to talking to people or if I end up in a stressful situation, then I can handle it quite well. But for some reason I'm unbelievably nervous about my run-up which is starting to get closer and closer. My heart starts pounding just thinking about it!

    So now because I shared with you how to see nervous with the help of makeup, so maybe you have some tips on how you usually do to not be so nervous? :) How do you think? ”It does not matter if it goes to the forest"Or"of course it does not go to the forestOr what tricks do you have?

    Is there any tea or similar that calms down while you still have your full focus? Nervousness that results in confusion is probably the culprit if I cough, I get very easily confused like a hen. So I have to be calm and crazy-focused! How do you become one? :)

    Hope you have some good tricks to share!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


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