Tips when shaping your eyebrows!

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    Here are step by step how to shape your brows and fill them in! The tips work regardless of what style you want on your eyebrow (wide, bright, sharp, fluffy, etc.) and which product you choose to use.

    I like my eyebrows quite narrow and to fill in with a pencil with good precision in a fairly light color so that I can make them well-shaped without it looking hard :) But everyone can read the tips no matter what style you like!

    There are certain guidelines when shaping the eyebrows that most people have seen at some point, how to measure where the eyebrows should start / end and where the highest point should be.

    I usually rarely use these guidelines because it still does not say much about the actual shape of the eyebrows - and it is the one that most people want help with.

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    First I want to emphasize that there is no "should", you can do exactly what you want, these are just tips on how to get it! :)

    The pen I use in the post is glo Skin Beauty Micro Browliner (adlink) in the shade Light Brown.

    1. Start with the underside
    I usually start with the underside of the brow to get a "coherent base" which I start from later.

    • Work sideways but the pen (or brush, whatever you use now)
    • Make a line from the start of the brow to the highest point.
    • Be light on the hand, I do not draw a line directly but "sketch" with several strokes with the pen.
    • I make the line at a right angle and obliquely upwards, I follow the brow's own shape but make sure that I do not make a "hill". If this line is curved, you may look a little surprised.

    • When you have reached the highest point of the brow, continue in a softer shape down to the outer edge.
    • I follow the brow's own shape
    • Do not pull further than the inner edge is. If the shape goes down a lot at the outer edge, you can look a little sad.

    Symmetry tips! Do this on both brows before proceeding to the next step. Fill in the underside and check the symmetry. It is much easier than making one eyebrow completely finished and then you should try to make the other look the same.

    It does not matter if the underside is a little sharp, it is in the inner edge and on the top of the brow you need to be more careful so that the whole brow does not look "painted".

    2. The inner edge
    From now on, I always work in the same direction as the straws grow!

    • Place the pencil on the line you painted at the bottom edge and fill in the start of the brow by drawing with the pencil upwards.
    • Be light on the hand, rather draw many light strokes with the pen than get hard ones.
    • Then you get a soft start on the brow, not a "hard square" that is easy to happen otherwise.

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    3. Top & highest point
    The dotted area shows that I make the top at the same angle as the bottom so that the shape is a little wide all the way up to the highest point.

    Why? For several reasons:
    1. Most people want a brow shape that lifts the eye, but if you make the brow narrower even before the highest point, you will not really get that effect.
    2. If this angle is bent downwards instead of straight, you can look a little skeptical / bitchy. Which in itself is pretty cool I can think;)
    Many people forget to mark the highest point otherwise! You narrow down before and start on the downward outer edge too early, which makes the brow quite straight or gets a sad shape - it's not wrong either, but do you want a shape that lifts gaze, you will not get the desired effect.

    • For me, the straws on the top grow downwards
    • I therefore work from top to bottom with the pen, several small light strokes down
    • I make the shape obliquely upwards at a right angle, without making a full line as on the underside
    • I paint all the way up to the highest point, where the brow starts to go down

    The outer edge
    Then only what is left on the outer edge! You have already filled in the underside and the top up to the highest point, so just "tie together" the shape from the outer set and up to the highest point.

    I constantly fill in more where I have fewer straws, on some customers I do not fill in the middle of the brow at all (where you usually have the most straws) then you get as natural a result as possible!

    I have some remnants left of my brow tattoo but now it's probably 4 years since I did it so it really needs to be refilled. But it's good then I can take the opportunity to shoot eyebrow tutorials for so long haha.

    Hope the tips were helpful :) Hugs to you!

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