To apply eyeliner

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    I was asked before if I can show tips or how to apply a nice liquid eyeliner.
    My eyeliner is final at the moment and it may take time before I buy a new one. Bought an eyeliner brush the other day, but have no good eye shadow for it (you wet the brush and can then use black eyeshadow as eyeliner, however it should be a slightly cakeier and harder eyeshadow)
    I am also not a professional at applying eyeliner, but in practice I got many tip on what to think about!
    • If you have a "small" eyelid, you should not paint one thick eyeliner. Then you see almost only black when you look straight ahead.
    • I have heard that the eye gets a sad impression if you paint the eyeliner only in the corner of the eye. May be true, but I think it is so much nicer and looks more finished if you have the eyeliner all the way. If you are not sad in the rest of the face, there is no danger!

    • Before you get used to eyeliner, you should just make a shape that follows the eye, and skip the little "pipe" or "flip pen" at the far end that you can do. Then you just have to think about not getting one choppy line, and follow the eye line as closely as possible so that there are no gaps when you then put on the mascara. To apply black eye shadow inner-upper lash line is a super smart idea right now. If you do not know what I mean, you can see the post "discreet eyeliner”On Tips and Products.
    Picture borrowed from Linda's makeup blog
    • If you choose to make the "pipe" as you see in the picture above, you should keep in mind that it should lift the eye naturally. Do not see a nice eyeliner and then Oh now something stands out here! It must not go too far out, so that it first goes down then up. But should start before the eyelashes end, and end where the lashes end.
    • The "pipe" just looks like a strange thing sticking out. Try pulling from the tip of the spout to the beginning of the spout, and make one softer more rounded line.
    But I think in the end it is a good eyeliner and a lot of practice which makes the big difference. But I hope this post was a little to help anyway!
    Btw. I dreamed this morning that I ate tacos for breakfast, so guess what I should do now?
    Eat tacos for breakfast !!!
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    Helena Amiley
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