To fill in the eyebrows

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    Tina sa…
    Just have to say that your make-up is absolutely wonderfully beautiful :)!
    Thought to take the opportunity to ask if you can do a demonstration on how to do with your eyebrows? :)

    I have made such a post before, but there are probably more who have started reading my blog after that so I will simply publish it again! :)


    Eyebrows can look in many different ways, narrow, large, sharp, high…

    But there are some basics that can help when shaping your eyebrows, so that they best fit your face.

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    It is very common to have so-called hockey club form or sperm form on their eyebrows (excuse the language). Hockey club shape is when the brow is bent at the front, and sperm shape is a very narrow brow with a round lump at the beginning of the eyebrow.

    This is of course a matter of taste, but in fact often also a sign that you simply do not know how to do.


    Now I was going to show how I make!



    The beginning - Above the nasal wing / corner of the eye.
    Highest point - From the nasal wing through the pupil.
    The end - From the wing of the nose and past the outer corner of the eye.

    Pictures borrowed from Annika Söderlund (Makeup artist in Uppsala)
    In the first picture you see a classic hockey club form.
    In picture 2 you see a shape that emphasizes the woman's eyes much more!

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    1. Fill in the lower edge of the brow.

    A straight line from the beginning of the eyebrow, to the highest point. It is this line that must be straight if you do not want the hockey club form.

    I use a narrow slanted brow brush that came with it this brow kit from GloMinerals, as well brow shadow Taupe.

    2. The top of the brow.

    A straight line towards the highest point of the brow.

    Here it is easy to create a small ski slope if you do not make a sufficiently straight line, which gives a bit bitchy eyebrows. However, can be cool even if it is not by mistake :)

    3. Mark the outer edge.

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    If you want a natural shape, you should take care to make the angle (at the highest point) too sharp, then the whole brow looks pointed.

    4. Fill in the beginning of the brow.

    Here it is easy to happen if you have wide eyebrows, that you shape so that it looks like two squares in front. Instead, let the lower part of the brow go in a little closer to the nose so that the shape is a little slanted.



    Hope the post was helpful :)


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    Helena Amiley
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