Today's question - Home remedies

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    We all have different tips and tricks we can share, and even I as a beauty blogger can not possibly have tested just about everything.

    I therefore thought I would ask you a question, and anyone who is curious about this can check out the comments field to get new tips and ideas! :)

    Something that I am very bad at is trying different home remedies, I think like homemade face masks and hair wraps, to make a lotion of natural ingredients you have at home in the pantry or how to get a perfect body scrub by e.g. use coffee grounds.

    Today's question is - What home remedies do you use?

    Do you follow? :) It is both cheap and environmentally friendly to be able to do so!

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    The only thing I can remember that I use (and grew up with) is homemade St. John's wort oil, which my grandmother has made from St. John's wort flowers that she picked herself in the country. St. John's wort has a healing effect and is great both for dry skin and if you get a wound somewhere.

    I do not know exactly how the process works (can find out if anyone is interested) but it is at least cold-pressed olive oil and St. John's wort flowers that you make St. John's wort oil from. I have heard that olive oil actually has a little too large molecules to go easily into the skin, but since it is mostly the effect of the St. John's wort you are looking for, it may not matter so much which oil you have.

    St. John's wort oil


    I found a site that sells St. John's wort oil, for those of you who want to try but do not want to wait until the summer. SEK 80 for 100ml you will find here!

    After my cuticle oil ran out, it struck me that St. John's wort certainly works just as well, so now I use it around the nails 2-3 times a day and it works great!

    Scrubbing with coffee grounds is also something I have wanted to try for a long time, but since it must not get down the drain and clog, I have not taken up the matter yet.

    Hope you have some good recipes or ideas to share! If I get new tips from you, I will really try to test and review it in the blog! :)

    Hug hug!

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