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    I have a period with a lot of small blisters, redness, visible pores and generally lifeless and dull skin right now. And that's entirely because I've been careless with the skin care the last few weeks, we've been housekeepers and I thought I had forgotten my skin stuff at home (and could not pick them up) and realized yesterday that they have been in a bag I had with me all the time haha.

    Anyway, today I thought I would take the opportunity to show you how I lay my base with the foundation Pixi Flawless Beauty Fluid which provides a comprehensive foundation, and a base that removes both redness, blemishes and even large pores.

    Here is a little step by step description for you!


    Before and after!

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    1. Face primer - Pixi Flawless & Poreless
    A face primer that fills visible pores. Super good! Also contains ingredients that help to visibly reduce the appearance of pores, even in the long run, and even out the skin for a flawless look.

    I usually massage it into the skin with clean fingers, and work it properly into the pores. Then you get the most effect!

    Does it suit oily skin? The primer is oil-free and suitable for all skin types, if you have mega problems with oiliness then so be it Paese Makeup Base Matte more effective against it, so this one from Pixi I recommend if you mainly have problems with visible pores, but it is a bit depressing as well. Also suitable for skin types that are not oily.


    Foundation + brushes - Pixi Flawless Beauty Fluid & Nanshy Stippling brush
    A foundation that softens and moisturizes dry skin while giving a balance to oilier skin. Gives a comprehensive result that stays dull for a long time. Gives an even and nice base! I have the shade Cream in the pictures.

    I apply with Nanshy Stippling brush, it is not yet available to buy separately in the webshop but it will be possible to buy it separately soon. For now, it is in the set Masterful Collection or in our store in Uppsala.

    I pump out a click of foundation on my hand, and dab the brush on the back of my hand to get a fair amount on the brush, as you see in the picture above. I dab so that it is only in the tops of the brush, like this:


    So that it is only in the tops of the brush :)

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    Apply with dab movements
    Dab the foundation on the skin until you have foundation all over your face. This causes the foundation to get properly into the pores and you get an incredibly smooth and even result!


    Sweeping circular motions with the brush
    When I dab on the foundation all over my face, I work more with circular motions to refine the result and get a perfectly even base. I do not press hard with the brush (then you can just as well have a regular foundation brush and not a stippling brush) but I "tickle" the skin with it, if you understand better then what I mean? :) It's still only the tops that touch the skin. But not super loose either, of course.


    5. Fix with pads
    This foundation should preferably be fixed with powder, I use Paese Bamboo Silk Powder which also dulls the skin, as well gloMinerals Redness Relief Powder to remove the last redness of the skin.

    6. Contouring & Lyster - Pixi Contour Creator
    Best product ever, the Contouring kit from Pixi is so incomparably good! Mark the cheekbones and face shapes with dark and light shadows, and finish with the highlighter that gives the skin a nice glow.

    7. Rouge - gloMinerals Blush (Papaya)
    Rosy cheeks are the savior in distress when you feel dull and lifeless in the skin. The shade Papaya from gloMinerals is a new-old favorite that I have become best friends with recently. Fits everyone and always! Looks quite bright pink in the packaging but looks super nice on the cheeks and a little more peach pink than bright pink.


    8. Eyebrows - Pixi Natural brow duo
    Pixi Natural Brow Duo contains both a brow pencil and a fringe that makes it easy to get a nice shape and keeps the straws in place all day. It is also water resistant. Have several customers who find it difficult to fill in the brows, but who suddenly think it has become easy thanks to this pen! :)

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    9. Lips - Benecos Natural Lipstick (Pink Rose)
    A nice lip color enlivens any day. Here I have used Beneco's Natural Lipstick in the shade Pink Rose, the world's finest pink tone and most smooth and soft texture on the lips!


    Clear! A little different from before huh;)

    Hope the post was helpful and that you were inspired ♥

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!

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