Too Faced Shadow Insurance Anti Crease

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    As you probably know, I always, always, always use eye shadow primer when I make up. And as I have written many times, it is Lumenes Eye Shadow Primer which I like the most, cheap and great!

    However, I have read so many great reviews about Too Faced eye primer, that I really wanted to test it. And now that my Lumene is running out, I have indulged in a Too Faced even though it is more than 100 bucks more expensive than Lumene.

    Since I am such an avid Lumene user, I compare all primers with it, it comes as a matter of course. And now I have also tested Too Faced and thought to give my assessment! :)

    Too Faced costs SEK 239 (on while Lumene costs SEK 115. It is more expensive, but also larger in size - 11 grams unlike Lumenes 7 grams.

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    Too Faced is also a little more easily applied as it is a little thinner in texture and glides more easily on the eyelid. Lumene is thicker and more creamy. However, both are beige-colored which I like!

    The downside of Too Faced is that it dries a bit fast I think. I often put on make-up quite slowly precisely because I sit and test different shadows on my hands, root in make-up boxes and take photos step by step at the same time. And when you have had the primer on the eyelid for a while, I experience that cheap eye shadows do not adhere exactly as well as when you apply directly.

    Both make the eye shadows sit equally well and on that front I think they are the same. I absolutely like Too Faced primer and will use it out, but next time it will probably be a Lumene in any case!

    Any of you who have tested both? How do you experience the difference? :)


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    Helena Amiley
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