Topnotch Saturday!

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    I had such a brutally fun Saturday yesterday, from start to finish!

    The day started with a make-up job at a bachelor party in Stockholm. I spruced up all the girls' make-up (there were 12 of them so doing the whole make-up would take too long) and then when the bride came I did a whole make-up on her which was both colorful and party, super nice!

    The bride-to-be knew nothing, and when she came in, everyone jumped up and screamed! She hugged everyone and looked at me a little thoughtfully before I introduced myself as a makeup artist, hahaha, she must have thought like "who the hell is that ??" : D


    She became so gorgeous!

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    I also want to give a little extra "rose" to SJ, they probably don't get that often hehe. It was planned track work between Stockholm and Uppsala, but it went so smoothly with SJ so even though I had already paid SL, I got into all the trouble with them and bought an SJ ticket instead. In addition, you got coffee and cake when you waited for SJ's replacement buses :) I who barely ate anything even got some travel food cakes for the bus haha, so sweet!

    Once I got home, I went a little spontaneously to the Barn in Gimo where there was galley in connection with Gimo's annual square party. So fun to let loose on the dance floor and shake a little ass with the girls! We really had a lot of fun!

    Today I cleaned the apartment and had a bunch of girls here who tested foundation paints from YAG Mineral. And now I will go through some make-up pictures before Miska comes home from Åland where he has been all weekend.

    Hope you had as good a weekend as I did! :)

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Hey! I have some questions about YAG minerals foundation.
      How long does it last, if you use it almost every day?
      What does the packaging look like? Is it possible to close the holes so that the powder does not come out?
      What do you do when you take it with you on the trip, the whole lid becomes full of powder because the powder is shaken and turned upside down in the bag?
      Thanks in advance!

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