Thread Pilator - Threading at Home (Trudy of Sweden Review)

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    I have tested threading at home with a thread pilator (Trudy of Sweden) and my first reaction was literally "what a device !!" Lol.

    The use and the result were expectations I must say! Or I had no real expectations, but was a little skeptical about anything. But I really like it! :)

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    Threading face - what is it?

    Threading means that you pull the hairs from the root, like waxing, but the difference between wax and threading is that wax also attaches to the skin while threading only fishes up the hair.

    You twist the thread back and forth over the skin, then the straws get stuck in the thread and are pulled up by the root.

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    You can thread anywhere on the body, but the most common is threading face.

    Can you do threading at home?

    Threading of the face is most common to book at the salon, because it is quite difficult (I can not either) and even more difficult to do threading at home on its own I guess.

    But there is a device called a wire depilator that twists the wire using two metal pins that move back and forth sideways!

    A well-reviewed wire pilot is Trudy of Sweden, which can be purchased at, among other places (adlink) which I heard a lot about before I finally tested it myself :)

    How to use a wire epilator?

    First you thread the thread into the machine, which is very simple! If you use Trudy, a spool of thread is included when you buy the machine and there is also a refill to buy. Clear instructions are included.

    Then you hold it against the skin and let the machine do the work! In the beginning, it takes a bit of practice to get into how fast to move the machine forward and so on, but I got into the technique quite quickly.

    The wire is changed if necessary, but you can run long with the same before you need to change.

    Thread epilator, trudy of sweden, review, threading at home, threading face, fjun, thin hairs, hair removal face, coarse hairs, threading body, threading on oneself

    Does wire depilator work on both hair and coarse hair?

    Answer yes! Thread epilator works on thin hairs and coarse hairs I can certify when I for educational purposes (before this review) did threading face, legs and fiffi haha! Rafsrafsrafs just said it so I was completely hairless :)

    So you can use wire epilator on the body as well. The only difference with coarser hairs is that you need to change the strand more often.

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    Review - Trudy of Sweden

    The wire depilator I have tested is Trudy of Sweden (adlink) and here are my opinions on it!

    + Incredibly effective wire epilator on both hair and coarse hair
    + Fast results, it is time consuming in large areas anyway but it does not depend on the machine.
    + Has a light that goes on automatically when you start the machine, which illuminates the area.
    + Charged with cord (so you do not have to insert and change batteries) but is wireless during use.
    + It includes a thread spool with a lot of thread, and you can buy refills.

    Would like a wire epilator in a smaller size as well, it is quite awkward on the upper lip because the nose is in the way (but it is possible) and the bikini line was basically impossible.
    Would like you to be able to turn off the lamp if you want, the lamp is good but depending on how good the light is around, you can see the straws better without the lamp.

    Otherwise clean! :)

    Wood thread, refill, hair removal face at home on himself, tips

    Here you see a close-up of how the thread is in my thread pilator! You do not have to twist the thread in the middle when you thread it, but the machine does it itself when you start it :)

    Available as I said to buy at (adlink).

    Shout out if you have any questions!

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