Tropical spring make-up step by step

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    A lot has been on the schedule in recent days, which has caused a crazy bad blog update!
    But Sister Mia has peppat me so much, blog-wise, that I really invest the iron in this now! No more lying on the lazy side for me! :)
    This is how you get an absolutely wonderful spring make-up step by step!
    (All eyeshadows are from the 180 palette)
    Yellow eye shadow on the inner part of the lower lash line.

    Turquoise blue eye shadow on the rest of the lower lash line.
    That I have not met the yellow eyeshadow with the turquoise blue by blurring them together, but put them on omlott! A much better idea when using a light inside and a darker outside. It looks better and makes the eye look bigger!

    Here I forgot that I was doing step by step, haha. So it went a little fast but you probably understand just as well anyway!
    Turquoise blue the eye shadow along the globe line.
    Lime green eye shadow just below the turquoise blue.
    Erase together the eye shadows + the edges of the turquoise blue.
    Add too White eyeliner pencil on the inner lash line, H&M.

    Darker yellow eye shadow over the turquoise blue. But not all the way to the corner of the eye!
    White eye shadow (highlighter) below the eyebrow and slightly down towards the corner of the eye.
    Would put highlighter in the corner of the eye too, it makes a super big difference for the whole look!
    But I forgot.

    Yellow eye shadow from the corner of the eye up to half the eyelid.

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    Turquoise blue eye shadow on the rest of the eyelid.

    Smear it together yellow and turquoise blue the eye shadow lying on the eyelid.
    Add Black eyeliner on a little more than half the upper and lower lash line, H&M.

    Dark blue glitter eyeliner on the entire upper lash line, Viva la Diva. It is not very good though, sometimes it comes loose after a while so you can pull it off.
    Mascara on both unde eyes upper lashes, then it is clear!

    Raspberry red lipstick, unknown brand (something I found at home)
    Had my last day on practice yesterday as well. Very sad… Became so bloody that I almost had a lump in my throat when I went to the bus.
    I will never be able to take the student!
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