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    What good reviews you gave in the post about budget makeup! Anyone who wonders which cheap brands / products work and do not work, can look in the comments field in this post. :)

    I thought instead of continuing to talk about budget brands, explain a bit how I think when it comes to different product types in general.

    It is important to prioritize a good foundation, I think, ie the facial products and eye primers. I would e.g. never get me to buy a foundation from H&M, it is a bit sensitive to put an "unknown lubrication" directly on the skin.

    If you have also founded with good products, you can get cheap eye shadows / pencils etc. to look much better, than if you had bought everything cheap. The same goes for expensive eye shadows, they rarely get as good results on a sloppy foundation.

    Then you have to keep in mind that the cheap products do not have to be bad in the result, but they can still be of poorer quality. For example, I received a comment from a girl who had an eyeshadow palette from Viva la Diva that had crumbled for no reason. The same thing happened to me! It looked like it had been dropped on the floor even though I had not touched it, in three days each all eye shadows broken.

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    Product types I buy budget variants of:
    Eyeshadow, Eyeliner, Rouge, Sun Powder, Eyebrow Products, Lipstick, Lip Pencil.

    I product types not buys budget variants of:
    Primer, foundation, powder, mascara, lip gloss, skin care.

    That I buy lipstick and not lip gloss is simply because I hate lip gloss with a hard and sticky consistency, which is very common among budget gloss. I do not usually have problems with lipsticks though :)

    I have probably forgotten some important product type but I hope you understand my way of thinking anyway!

    Then I do not know how you define budget, I am talking about cheaper products than those with "normal price" such as IsaDora, Max Factor etc.

    A brand that, however, ends up a little between the price ranges is Yves Rocher! I have not tested all their stuff, but it is a brand that I like and trust both in terms of quality and ingredients!


    Hope you feel a little wiser after this post, go shopping now;)

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