Update - L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout after washing

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    I promised you an update on the durability of L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout after washing. I have used the shade #TurquoiseHair, read the whole post about the product with before and after pictures here!

    Now I have washed my hair 3 times and there is still a lot of color in the hair left, so it really lasts really well! :)

    Then whether the durability is positive or negative is a question of definition, I probably would have preferred it to be completely gone after 3-4 washes because I only wash my hair once a week. It says 2 weeks on the package (depending on how often you wash your hair) but 10 washes is 10 weeks for me haha.

    This is what my hair looks like now:

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    The lightest loops are still turquoise, and the darker blonde tops that have more warmth in them are starting to go greener.

    I got a lot of feedback from others who tested these colors, one of which got purple pigment when it started to fade. I talked to a press contact about it and she said that it is not completely uncommon in turquoise products because they often contain purple pigments that on some can release later. However, my hair has not turned purple at all, I would have liked it by the way :)

    The packaging says that it lasts 4-10 washes, but there is no guarantee that it will disappear completely if you have very bleached hair that absorbs a lot. So I'm starting to get a little nervous that it will not disappear completely before my hairdressing time in January haha.

    As you can see, each wash disappears a little at a time! It looks a bit flammable in the last picture now but it does not look crazy at all in reality I think.

    The first two washes, the whole shower water became as turquoise as the hair, I kind of had to scrub the bathtub afterwards haha. Now it gets a little gray-green-dull just so it is noticeable that it does not come off as much, but you can still see that it comes off.

    L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout is available for purchase Lyko.se (Adlink) and available in more colors as well :)

    Will be back later with more pictures and continue to take photos after each wash!

    Update, also read:

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    It did not let go of my hair completely until I bleached it off at the hairdresser. But I tested L'Oréal Paris Colorista Washout in the pink and yellow color of my nephews and those colors were completely washed out.

    Hugs are ♥

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    1. commented your insta when you first dyed å said that mine has not gone out after 3 weeks, just thought to update that it still has not gone out ^^ dyed purple from the beginning, the purple disappeared after a wash but since then it has been blue / green . and is just as blue and green now. today I even did a home remedy I read a lot about to 'drive out' the color, but no difference. so hope yours disappears easier!

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