Take care of dry hands

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    Now autumn is fast approaching - and the season of dry skin at the same pace. As soon as the climate gets colder, the skin becomes drier with the purchase.

    The hands are the body part that is exposed to the most stress during the day, we use them almost all the time and wash them several, several times. And hand care in particular is very important to me, it makes a big difference if I have had a good period or a "sloppy".

    In addition, the hands are one of the body parts that we also shows mostly, you greet them, gesture with them, show things with them and very rarely dress them either, so they are basically visible all the time!


    If you take good care of your hands (and cuticles), you get strong and nice nails as well :)

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    That the hands need a little extra care is in other words not so strange, and many of us buy nice hand creams and cuticle oils of various kinds and try as best we can!

    But what strikes me is that even with "product lovers" like me, it is almost always a super cheap synthetic soap from the grocery store that is in the bathroom. We buy expensive facial cleansers and shower creams, but the hands we wash the most, we rarely put any major thought into that cleansing. Surely it's a little weird?

    organic hand soap

    My hand soap is Botanicals Hand Wash with lemongrass and mandarin, and I hear from almost everyone who borrows the bathroom from me ”your hand soap Helena, it smells sooo heavenly good!”. And when I say that it is 95% organic and 100% natural as well, they are even more impressed :)

    My mother also has this hand soap and says that her hands have become much softer than before and the skin is not dry at all anymore. And she basically never lubricates them either.

    I love this hand soap for several reasons:

    1. It cleanses the skin very well and you really feel that your hands are clean! In addition, it contains tea tree which has antibacterial properties.
    2. It moisturizes the skin.
    4. The good smell that spreads in the bathroom when you wash your hands is absolutely wonderful!
    5. You can flush the soap down the drain with a clear conscience! Super important with a product that you use so often.

    Important ingredients (all certified organic):
    Coconut oil makes the skin soft, relieves eczema and irritated skin and speeds up the healing process.
    Sunflower oil is moisture-retaining and and strengthens the skin's own barrier protection.
    Glycerin moisturizes chapped and cracked skin.
    Lemongrass & Mandarin are natural cleansers and give a fresh and wonderful scent.
    Tea tree relieves irritated and inflamed skin, is antibacterial and relieves itching.

    All Botanicals products are vegan.

    organic hand wash

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    In other words, do not forget your hands, but pamper them (and the wastewater!) With an organic and fine hand soap!

    The very best combo is the hand cream with the same scent as well. Botanicals Hand lotion gives incredibly soft and fragrant hands, and then it goes quickly into the skin as well, which I think is one of the most important properties a good hand cream must have :)

    Important ingredients (all certified organic):
    Shea butter is moisture-retaining, soothes irritated skin and speeds up the healing process.
    Cocoa butter is moisture-retaining and makes the skin soft and supple.
    Aloe vera moisturizes, nourishes and heals the skin.
    Green tea extract is powerful against free radicals and protects the skin from impurities and stess.

    Review on Byher.se about the hand soap:
    “A hand soap that, after washing, feels like you have lubricated your hands with hand cream. The hands become velvety soft and the smell feels natural (no synthetic scents). ”

    Review on Byher.se about the hand cream:
    “Because I have problems with my hands, I am careful about what skin creams I buy and what they contain. There is a bad supply when it comes to good creams, and I have tested most of them. My daughters bought this cream for me, because they thought it seemed good to me who is so picky. The cream has a good consistency, and a small click is enough for both hands. It penetrates the skin in a good way without feeling sticky or oily. Afterwards, the hands become soft and I do not feel dry areas, but get a comfortable feeling. ”

    Wonderful to hear, and I get so happy when you take the time to write what you think ♥

    organic hand care

    Nice to have standing next to each other in the bathroom - Wash your hands and then lubricate them with the same good scent. How luxurious? :)

    Had I had a nicer bathroom, I would have shown you some interior pictures with all my products hehe. Great to give as a gift too! The soap contains 250 ml and the hand cream 100 ml.

    And why not throw in nail polish with organic cuticle oil as well? Benecos Nail Care Pen is also available on Byher.se and costs only SEK 79. A perfect hand kit :)

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    Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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