Our renovation project

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    I was asked how our renovation is going and the request for an update in a post, so here it is! :)

    As you know, I inherited a house last summer and now live here with my boyfriend Miska, my sister Mia and her two children aged 7 and 10. As a small collective :)

    Last winter we renovated 2 rooms (bedroom + study) but other than that it has only been clean, clean, clean that counts. Mom was a collector, which is both charming and crazy haha. Last summer, Miska said "I found a washing machine" when he was cleaning one of the rooms in the basement. That you have already cleaned for a year and suddenly can "find" something so big says quite a lot about what the situation here has looked like haha.

    You can see how the workroom turned out in my previous post: Walk in closet - for all my products! And now we have just started with the rest of the house!

    Interior style
    We will have a light foundation with white walls and white wooden floors (transparent white so you can see the wood through) then the rest is not completely clear but we are very into turquoise, copper and old worn doors.

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    Have no sources for the pictures because it was not really there to be published, hope it goes well anyway!

    Fint va? :)

    Then we will again and again let the interior design style grow but we all like a bit odd things, it should not be "instagram-nice", white everywhere and trendy ornaments type.

    We have many interior doors in the house to different rooms, down to the basement, etc. and would like different old, charming doors everywhere :) I think it can be super nice! Do you have an old charming door you should not have to shout at!

    I want to make our wood stove as "the wall in the attic at Rufus' house in Gossip Girl" but did not find such an inspirational picture so I photoshopped it myself haha. Also added a turquoise, old door on the side. Fint va? :)

    Sand wooden floors
    We have already sanded two floors, so it went much smoother now that we knew 1. rent a floor grinder directly 2. rent one that is specific to the edges as well and 3. do not forget to buy sanding dust bags haha.

    And in one part of the house there was also a plastic mat and masonite slabs that we had to tear off first, only it was a project!

    In this corner you see what the floor looked like before! Glossy, yellowish varnish.

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    The corners and other small areas such as under closets, under elements, etc. can still be sanded by hand, but I have kind of planed it away with the tool you see in the picture. I worked from morning to night on a Saturday, had so much pain in my hands that I could barely get dressed the next day!

    Today is Wednesday and I still have exercise pain in my right hand and have a fever. I'm too small to fight like that haha.

    But this weekend corner, then the floors will be white !! We have bought matte, white pigmented hard wax oil which after a little research seems to be the best - nice, simple and the result is durable and since the floors are already quite light, we also think that one layer is enough.

    Any of you who have experience with white pigmented hard wax oil? Tip? :) In the two rooms we have already renovated, we ran stain and varnish, but there were 3 layers in total, which takes a terrible time if you have to make a whole house at once!

    This is how all floors look now after sanding, you will see the white result later! The room in this picture is my old room haha ♥ Black, shiny walls that you could kind of reflect in if you shone with a lamp :) I was so cool!

    Let's see how easy it is to paint white later. Now we have at least sanded the wallpaper edges that were under the paint, as you see in the picture.

    We have no furniture at all now and eat on balcony furniture haha.

    Sauna building!
    Jaaa in the middle of all this we are building a sauna too :)

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    Dad has built a log cabin that stands in the garden, which had no floor and only a thin roof. Mom had garden stuff and tools in there but now it's going to be a sauna instead!

    The walls should be the same timber as before, so nice ♥ Then there have been floors with insulation, drains and tiles, ceilings with insulation and panels, nice moldings around windows and even electricity drawn for lamp!

    It will be a wood-fired sauna, so now it is just a matter of staining everything newly built in a similar color as the timber, fixing the chimney and heater (for fire and water), we have gone to Ockelbo (!) And bought a small bathtub we will spray copper-colored , and then build sauna leaves. Then it's done!

    Here Miska is doing and putting up the last moldings on the ceiling :)

    We had an electrician here who turned on the electricity for the lamp, so we have lighting both inside the sauna and outside. And do you know what the best thing is? The lamp buttons are inside the house! So before you go out in the dark winter evening you can turn on the lights so it is bright when you arrive. Nice crowd huh!

    We were bothered that the cords for the lamps were white because they are right next to the sauna door. So I bought furniture paint and painted "vein painting" so that it looks more like wood! Surely it turned out very well, right?

    I'm unreasonably proud of the wooden cord actually haha! Painted with a small makeup brush and felt like an artist :)

    There is not much more to see than, empty rooms with worn walls and light wooden floors. But we have taken some role models so when we get a little further you can see before and after.

    Hugs are!

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    Helena Amiley
    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. What a fun post! Love renovation myself so e so fun o see other people's projects too. Before and after pictures e the best! Would love to see more posts like this! :-)

    2. Are the black wallpapers on the ceiling included? : o I love to renovate. And also see when people renovate their homes.
      So cool with the renovation. Feel free to update more.

      • It is only black on the sloping ceiling (which is one side of the room) the rest of the ceiling is white :) It is black, glossy paint, the wallpaper that we sanded the edges of is the wallpaper that sat before it was painted black.

    3. Great fun to watch! It will be nice and nice what you have already done.
      The sauna looks both nice and cozy! I smiled a little when I read about it, I myself am married to a pimple, so I know how important it is with a sauna!

      • Thanks!! :) Yes, my mother's family is Finnish-Swedish, so I grew up with a sauna and think it's so cozy. Have already started thinking about what I should wear for face masks and stuff when we inaugurate it haha :)

    4. I'm sitting here with a smile on my face after reading your post 😄
      It looks so cozy and will be so good 👍😍
      Love the style you are looking for 😘

    5. Did not think I would ever say this but this post was even more glorious than makeup post <3 You are awesome!
      Hug from Sister Tupu
      Ps come and inspect when you e ready;)

    6. Hey!
      We have also sanded our floors. In fact, we pretended to tilt the floors first with white pigmented lye to prevent future yellowing process in the floors. Then we oiled them with an extra white pigmented oil and they looked so good! But hard wax oil should also be good! I recommend polishing the oil properly so you get that soft feeling!

      • Yes, I read a lot about it, was very hungry for it too but felt a bit messy when you have to make a whole house and many people live here, with drying time and stuff. Now we could paint on and then already after 2 hours you can walk carefully on the floors. But great to hear from others with experience, there are so many different methods :)

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