Spring tips! Colored face primer with SPF 30

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    A while ago I did a quick Insta Story where I showed a colored face primer from glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer as a spring tip, I got a lot of comments and questions about it then (great fun !!) so now I have made a more proper video where you see the tips in a little better quality than mobile filming.

    Click on the gear (settings) and change the quality to 1080HD and you will see even better!

    4 products in 1 - in what way?

    glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer is a colored face primer that is available in several shades. That there are 4 products in 1 is not something that glo themselves market the one but it is something that I myself realized! :)

    1. Sunscreen

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    The primer has SPF 30 (!) So with this on you do not need to have sunscreen on your face!

    2. Colored face primer

    As the product it is intended to be (a colored face primer), you get a smoother skin structure! So the skin looks super smooth and nice and the pores become much less visible!

    Colored face primer before and after

    Close up of my pores immediately after applying only glow Skin Beauty Tinted Primer.

    3. Foundation / colored day cream / bb or cc cream

    As mentioned, the primer has pigments in it and provides a light coverage as well. Either you can use it as extra coverage under another foundation or as I usually do - just use this.

    I have to say that thanks to the smoothing skin structure, I do not think I need so much more coverage, when the skin becomes even in structure and skin tone at the same time, it becomes 1 + 1 = 3. Had I had this little coverage with a regular colored day cream, I would have felt that I needed to cover more.

    For those of you who do not have as clear pimples and redness (or other irregularities) or who just think that this coverage is enough - well then you just need this product! ♥

    I myself love the light and natural degree of coverage in the entire face and then spot-make away details such as pimples and redness afterwards. Shows it further down in the post. It will be so natural and nice!

    Colored face primer before and after

    Here is before and after only glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer. As you can see, pimples and redness shine through - but the difference is still big!

    4. Pillows

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    The finish is matte so you do not need to apply powder. It becomes matte in a very nice way, not a dry or powdery way but more "velvet matte".

    And if you do not want a dull result, it is of course super easy to spray a mist over or swipe on a little highlighter quickly. However, I myself get glossy quickly if I skip powder so I get "natural luster" after a while anyway :)

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    Colored face primer

    + glo Skin Beauty redness Relief Powder

    That said, I also make up my pimples and redness, but that step is also super fast!

    So I want to tell you about a second product as well - glo Skin Beauty Redness Relief Powder.

    It is a powder that is not opaque but only color correcting and removes red tones. Because when I make a natural base, it does not matter that the pimples shine through and look a little dark, it's just nice that the skin looks a little unmade up, I think. But I do not want the redness to shine on the face and then there are only a few dabs with this powder and the redness is enchanted!

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    Colored face primer cover redness

    My redness under the nose is very intense so I put quite a lot of powder there. You see the difference on one side of the nose compared to others :)

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    I use a small fluffy brush, because I use this powder more as a quick powder concealer than a regular powder that is swept thinly all over the face.

    The powder has a new packaging and I must be completely honest and say that the new packaging is not so good, because it is a built-in brush with powder in the shaft. But the content is so incredibly good (!) So we have decided to continue selling it anyway. Because if you turn the new packaging, you can screw the lid up at the bottom, like a regular jar, so you can use it as usual with a separate brush instead of using the built-in brush.

    I myself, however, still have the old jar so I pour all the powder into it. And keep nagging that they should change back to the jar again!

    But so you know :)

    Colored face primer cover pimples

    And then dab on pimples! They do not disappear completely as I said because it does not have coverage, but the redness disappears after just a quick dab! You can clearly see that in the video as well.

    before and after bass

    So here is the result after both Tinted Primer and Redness Relief Powder, both of which are from the brand glo Skin beauty.

    My God, how red I am without make-up haha. It becomes so clear every time I take before and after pictures! What if I only had pimples but otherwise an even skin tone, how nice it would have been :)

    Bonus tips!

    Two tips I do not say in the video are:

    Fake the burn with a darker shade!

    If you still feel a little winter pale, you can choose a slightly darker shade than you really are and put some make-up on your neck as well (so that it blends in). Because these have such light coverage, you do not need to color match exactly as with a full-coverage foundation as the result is a mixture of your own skin tone.

    It is also a good tip for those of you who have already gotten some color from the spring sun on a walk or coffee in the garden. If you have make-up on your face, you only get color in the décolleté, but the face continues to be bright - then choose a shade that suits the décolleté instead of the face.

    I have shades of Light in this post, but in everyday I usually use Medium and sweep sun powder in the décolleté.

    2. Fake freckles on pimples

    I have become less and less careful about putting off pimples completely, instead I just reduce the redness and then I make up the pimples for beauty spots or freckles!

    If I have a little time, there will only be a few beauty spots, but now this spring and summer it's so nice with freckles, so I also make some fake freckles and "embed" the finn freckles so it looks very natural :)

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    Colored face primer freckles

    This is what I looked like with the same base, but much browner and with fake freckles, of which many freckles are pimples in disguise;)

    In other words: Natural coverage, great skin and incredibly fast application with only 1-2 products depending on whether you want to conjure away extra redness or not. So good!

    Buy glo Skin Beauty Tinted Primer here!
    Buy glo Skin Beauty Rednedd Relief Powder here!

    Hugs are! ♥

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    1. Uses Glo pressed base today, Golden light. What shade should I take in the tinted primer? Light? Ill crave the primer now for the summer 😍👌🏼

      • If you have Golden light by Pressed Base, it is the shade Fair you should have on Tinted primer :) Then it adapts so well to your own skin tone so Light might not have been very crazy either, but if you put them as one next to each other, Tinted primer Light is clearly darker than Pressed base Golden light, while Fair is basically accurate! Then the question is if you get a little tan (?) During the summer, it can be good to keep in mind when shopping for products like this in May :)

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