Vichy - Digital skin diagnosis

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    I was at an event with Vichy last week, where they showed a new technology that I think was a little fun!

    It is a program that will help one reach their ideal skin. You take an unmade-up picture of yourself, then you answer various questions such as if you smoke, how old you are, etc. Then you click on what you want to improve with your skin, such as shine, acne, dryness, and with the help of the image you "edit" your problem areas the way you want them.

    At the end of the program, you get to see the before and after picture, and find out which Vichy products to use to achieve the result on the after picture, ie your ideal skin!

    We got to test the program ourselves, which was a bit fun, however, you wore so much makeup that the before and after picture were basically the same, but I did it again at home to show you :)

    vischy digital skin analysis

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    This is what it looks like when you edit, on the left you can choose what you want to improve and then you can tinker with the image by clicking and dragging.

    A big reason why you do this with the image is also for the program to know how big your problems are. Two people may have the same number of pimples, but one may only need to pull a little to make them disappear while the other has so large that it must pull fully. Then the program understands how big your acne problem is.



    Here is my before and after skin :) I have edited shine, some occasional pimples and evened out the skin tone.

    Doing the skin analysis is free and you can do it here! If you also enter the code "SEPR", you have the opportunity to test your selected products for 100 days and get the products completely free. Vichy will test this principle on 100 women for 100 days, to see how well it works in reality!

    I myself have actually never tested Vichy's products and have no idea if they are good or less good. Any of you who have a little more experience? :)

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    Helena Amiley
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