Video - Contouring tutorial with Pixi Contour Creator

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I hold a lot of make-up consultations at the salon and contouring is probably the part that most people feel a little lost with, regardless of whether you use a little or a lot of make-up before.

Namely, there are slightly different guidelines depending on what you use for the product and what you want to achieve for results. Some on instagram and social media do so much with contouring that it is hardly the same person anymore, and exactly where to apply and how to work with the brushes is a little different depending on whether you use cream contouring or powder, a matte highlighter or a shimmery etc

This is how I put together a video with the ultimate contouring palette Pixi Contour Creator which contains all the shadows you need for a flawless contouring, both for everyday and for parties! :)

In the video, I explain, among other things, the difference between the different shadows and how they are used, show how I do contouring to emphasize the facial features (ie not to change appearance in some way) and gives lots of tips on how I work with the brushes, helpful guidelines and how to make it not go quickly and easily.

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Because it is actually the case that you have:
1. A good product that settles evenly and nicely on the skin
2. Soft and good brushes for this purpose
3. And know where you should apply the shadows
… It is not that difficult but you basically let the brushes do the work! And by that I mean that no technology is directly required, I just sweep the shadows. You understand what I mean if you watch the movie :)

Every time I do my bass I do contouring and for me it goes super fast, tough cool I'm done!

The palette contains six silky shadows perfectly matched for a flawless contouring. The shadows blend into the skin and give a quick and natural result and are very easy to use even for you who are a beginner.

You have to have such strong lights to get good light in the film, so you may think that the effects of the contouring are not as good in the film as in the picture / in reality. But here you see before and after pictures that I took when I filmed :) It makes such a big difference!

The brushes I have used are Nanshy Contouring Brush and Nanshy Blending Brush. So good!

Pixi Contour Creator costs SEK 369 and is available for purchase here!

Hope you like the video! Shout out if you have any questions ♥

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