Pixi Natural Brow Duo (Video + instructions)

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    How the brow pen Natural Brow Duo from Pixi just got the name "natural brow" is not difficult to understand. It is incredibly easy to use and gives a very natural and nice result!

    I have been using this pen + gel for several years now and we have lots of regular customers who buy it regularly, it is SO good!

    In this video I show how I usually use it and some bonus tips on how to get the brow shape :)

    What is Pixi Natural Brow Duo?

    A brow pencil at one end and a lightly colored brow at the other end.

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    The pen has a triangular shape, which makes it easy to fill in a soft and natural way without it becoming too "painted".

    The brow gel is lightly colored, not like a brow mascara but just a tiny bit, which emphasizes the straws (perfect on thin straws!) And makes the straws lie nicely combed all day!

    The result is also waterproof and fits great all day!

    Natural Brow Duo

    It fits all eyebrows, but above all I recommend it to people who have some of their own straws and want to emphasize the shape in a natural way!

    Shades of the brow pencil

    It is currently available in three different colors.

    Natural brown is cold and I use it for light eyebrows.

    Deep brunette is dark brown, but if you are light on the hand, it will be quite light as well. I therefore usually recommend it to all eyebrow customers who color their eyebrows dark, because after the coloring it is perfect, but then when the color releases, it also fits if you are a little lighter on the hand only :)

    Soft black is a cool dark brown shade. Perfect if you want very dark eyebrows without them getting hot.

    Natural Brow Duo natural brown, deep brunette, soft black

    Pixi Natural Brow Duo Reviews

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    As I said, we have many regular customers who buy this regularly and it is the absolute best review! You know such a product that you use up over and over again and do not want to live without :)

    It is sold most at the salon because we use it on our brow customers, but also in the webshop it has received 5-star reviews:

    Natural Brow Duo reviews

    My eyebrows

    I used this all the time before, but since I cut my obsessive straws so much, I did not have much use for the broth. Therefore, I switched to our other brow pencils.

    BUT NOW when I do the brow lift I also have great use of the bryngelen and love it !! It highlights the straws so nicely! They look so fluffy like :) I've never been able to have my eyebrows before ♥

    paint with eyebrow pencil

    In the movie and in this picture I have the shade Gentle Brown.

    Available for purchase here!

    Also read: Wider eyebrows with brow lift + serum

    Hugs are ♥

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