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    You who have been following me for more than a year know that me and my sister Malin started video podcasting before, do you remember that? :) However, we had so many technical problems that it finally ran out in the sand, bad sound, bad picture, and also had no time to edit so it took several weeks before the film came out. We published three films, but filmed twice as many as we could not use, and then disappeared like the fun.

    But now we are up and running again !!! :)

    The idea with the video podcast is that it should basically be a beauty podcast, but that we also talk about a lot of other things, both personal, current events and a lot of laughter! We got the idea when I had such a hard time filming makeup movies without being rigid before, that I wanted someone behind the camera as "support" so I did not talk to myself. In addition, Malin is a real talker, and I'm not completely innocent there either, so we also wanted to start a make-up podcast together, but it's not super fun to just listen to make-up, you want to see too, so then we put it together all to a make-up video podcast!

    So now we have developed it all (and I have become better at both talking and technology) and now I will both film theoretical make-up films alone at home, and then we run the video pod as a fun thing next door! In each film I will somehow put on make-up, and then we will talk a lot, so in other words you can choose if you just want to listen or if you want to watch as well. Or if you only want to watch sometimes when I show a special product or similar.

    So * drum roll * here comes the new first episode of the fantastic video podcast!

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    The first episode is very much about what has happened in the last year, and at the same time I show an everyday make-up with dark lips, updo hair and fake glasses. What does Malin have in her arms when we record? What have I said too embarrassing about in vitro fertilization? And what does the term Lindexmorsa mean? If you want to know, press play! :)

    Kraaaam ♥


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    Helena Amiley
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. You are so super duper lovely !!!
      I get so happy when I look at you 😊
      Keep up the good work!

      Greetings from Östhammar!

    2. I love when you tan! Haha, you are so beautiful! Recognizes much of what you talked about. My little sister is very tall and very thin (dad's genes) and she gets a lot of shit. An aunt in her stairwell said straight to her: “Wow, how thin you are! You do not eat anything! ” The sister eats a lot, so it's just the genes. Sick! A total stranger! And I have been told since I was about 22-25 years old (am 30 now) that it was at least time to have children. Absolutely before I turned 30! Who has the right to interfere in my choices? My mother was 40 when she got me, I have never suffered from it and neither has she… We are all different =)

    3. Super lovely podcast! Liked that you put on make-up in the meantime. I often miss seeing the 'make-up technique' itself in various tutorials. The top!

    4. It was really good but if I now have to "criticize" I personally think that your videotuturials are much better. I think you are very good at talking into the camera, so continue with it instead. Can also think when you put on make-up in the "video podcast" that it is barely visible because the camera is so far away. Hope you do not take it badly because you are such a cute girl and it is iofs a little fun to see you in the "podcast" because you are so positive. round off so your tutrials are much better, hugs :)

      • Yes exactly, I will continue with my tutorials of course, the video podcast is more like a fun thing to get to know me better but also because there will be topics of conversation about beauty that you may not otherwise address. So do not confuse them, there are two different things :) But fun with response, thank you! Hugs :)

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