Video blog - nudh mineral basic makeup

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    Yesterday I told you that the Swedish mineral brand nudh mineral is now available for purchase

    Now I was going to show a video on how I apply the basic makeup with their products! Concealer, foundation, bronzing powder and blush.

    Forgot to add highlighter in a hurry, but it is also wonderful, very natural but at the same time effective. It gives luster without being shimmery, you could say!

    In the pictures I also have highlighter :)

    I have to too clarify one thing I say in the movie (video blogging is not easy not hehe). It sounds a bit like I do not think you get good coverage if you only have foundation without concealer.

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    Of course it covers well anyway! I usually do not have concealer underneath for everyday. I mean, of course, if you have a lot more to cover, you get it perfectly if you also use concealer.

    I use the shades:
    Foundation - Soft Beige
    Red - Pink Dream
    Bronzer - Bronze Mica


    Just foundation

    + bronzer and highlighter

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    I guess I will get many questions about whether this is better or worse than gloMinerals. So I will make a post about it soon!


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    Helena Amiley
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