Vintage Wine

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I know I'm a little behind with IsaDora's pigmented luster.Lip Chock - glossy lip stain”But I have at least bought two of my own colors now and love them!

When I tested it for the first time, Miska looked at me a little strangely and said:

Miska - Did you not like it?
I - Absolutely yes!
Miska - But you look so disgusted?
I - I just think it's weird that you make a lip gloss that tastes like apple pie. Good, but strange. Smell yourself!
Miska - * Smells * No it smells like vanilla!
I - Well, hehe… I usually have quite a lot of custard on my apple pie…. 

The gloss is very creamy and thus smells of vanilla, a matter of taste whether you like it or not. I think the colors are so nice that it is worth the "trouble" hehe. But if you like creamy vanilla-scented gloss, this is the perfect product :) I usually remove the worst "smear" on a piece of toilet paper.

It lasts a long time too, especially the color, but I recommend the lip liner because it has a tendency to bleed quite a lot.

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Offers some pictures of the shade Vintage Wine, wonderful autumn color!

Costs SEK 129 on Kicks.

The make-up will come later!

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