Waterproof & colorful eyeliner

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    Today's make-up, which you saw a teaser of earlier, is now up step by step Modern mom.

    I got some comments here that you liked the green eyeliner. Do you know that I sell several hundred eyeliners in the shop ?! :)

    It's only a little  true, but I actually realized today how incomparably easy it was to mix the shadows from the 252 palette that I sell with Make Up Store's Mixing Liquid, and thus make a waterproof and rub-proof eyeliner!

    I have rubbed and rubbed on my hand but the lines look exactly the same as before!

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    1. Pour some of the liquid into the cap of the bottle.
    2. Dip a narrow brush into the cap.
    3. Wipe off excess liquid on the hand so that the brush is not very wet.
    4. Remove color from the eyeshadow with the brush (type as watercolor)
    5. Paint your eyeliner!

    The top layer of the eye shadow becomes a little hard afterwards, but you do not need to soak the entire shadow, a little on the side is enough. In addition, it is very easy to soften the hard by rubbing with a small eye shadow brush and the shadow will be like new again!

    Be careful not to dip a too wet brush in the shadows only, then the liquid may sink deeper.

    You can buy the palette here for SEK 399, and you can buy the Mixing Liquid liquid here for SEK 155.

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