Waterproof glitter pencils

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    I wrote before that I have brought home some news from Paese Cosmetics in the webshop, and now I have published and written posts about everyone except 2 new eyeliner pens that I was going to write about now! :)

    The news is thus diamond shimmering eye shadows (read my post here), gloomy shades of the matte eyeshadows (read my post here), lustrous glow powder (read my post here), and two new colors of the popular Linea Automatic Eyeliner pens which I will show you in this post:


    The shades Brown Glam and Blue Glam. Fina va ?? :)


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    Paese Linea Automatic Eyeliner has a creamy texture and glides easily on the skin, the color is pigment-rich, intense and contains small glitter grains that spice things up a little extra! Available in the colors black, blue and brown and so it is the blue and the brown shade that are new!

    (Also available in purple and olive green, but I have not taken them home yet. If you are interested in them, shout!)

    Christmas make-up-step-by-step

    I have used the shade Brown Glam in This the make-up.


    And the shade Black Glam in This the make-up.


    And the shade Blue Glam in This the makeup!


    The pen is a pin that is screwed up instead of sharpened. At the top there is a foam rubber-like fading tool so you can easily vary if you want a sharp or a more smoky line - which is always super nice on the lower lash line.

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    In addition to the pens being crazy good looking, they are also very durable, even along the waterline! They are waterproof and rub-proof!

    Tips when applying eyeliner along the waterline:
    Apply two coats with the pen. First paint as usual, wait a few minutes for the pencil to set (Paese's pencil is creamy when applied with a dryer after a while) and then paint another layer. Then you get a perfect line that lasts much longer!



    Here I have soaked the pen and rubbed hard with your finger over! Small flakes come off (as you can see in the picture) when you rub a lot, but you will never rub your eyes so hard!


    Two thumbs up in other words! The pen costs SEK 129 and is available for purchase at creativemakeup.se here!

    Hug hug!

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