We are opening a store in Uppsala!

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    It has been an incredibly exciting summer with lots of work and planning, and now we can finally start "taking on" the change that will take place in the company in the near future. Have you been curious?

    You who follow me on snapchat (helenaronnblad) has already got a taste today;) and now I finally thought to share the new that is going on!

    * Drum vortex *

    Byher.se and Creative Make Up join us and open a shop / salon in central Uppsala !!!


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    New premises
    Annika Söderlund, who owns Creative Make Up, only works with permanent makeup, but has also sold some make-up and treatments in the salon. But the new concept is not a salon with products, but both a large salon and a large store!

    Those of you who have been to Annika's salon before may think "it's getting crowded", but do you know what? We will move to a super large room on Vaksalagatan 30, with many rooms and a total of 367 sqm. It is located in the same building as Kvarnengallerian, you who know Uppsala know for sure what I mean if I say old Vålamagasinet?

    We were there and started the renovation today, so I took some pictures before that I thought to bid on as well, I hope you think it's fun :)


    Permanent makeup
    Annika who is as fully booked as a human being can be will expand her business with apprentices as well, so heavenly good :) You will get more info about this later, but there will be more times for permanent makeup and with the same results and guarantee as when Annika tattoos - fixed for apprenticeship prices!

    Byher.se will no longer be just a webshop, but now also a physical store! You can come here to shop on site, test products and get advice if you do not really know what you need. I know that I already have some webshop customers in Uppsala ♥

    Here you see the future store:

    makeup artist uppsala

    Miska that fills the wall, and behind me I have two huge windows / glass walls facing Vaksalagatan. So you will not miss us if you walk by if you say so;)

    In addition to buying make-up and getting expert help from professional makeup artists, we will also have a salon area with make-up places! We also employ a makeup artist (who has worked as a makeup artist in London, among other places before) who will work both in the store and with bookings. You will be able to book coloring of lashes and eyebrows, eyebrow plucking and eyelash permanent, and also make-up consultations and other make-up.

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    We will also start with make-up evenings! I get so many requests to have make-up consultations in groups, so much fun (and educational!) Thing to do with my group of friends. So I long for that :)

    makeup uppsala

    Here you see the future salon! Here we will have four large make-up mirrors and spruce up customers on conveyor belts. Outside you see Vaksala Torg and Uppsala Concert & Congress (music house).

    In addition, I will have a blog and make-up room in the room, so now it is over that the kitchen table at home is also an office and make-up table in our little studio, but now I will go to work every day and fix everything there. So even though there is a lot going on with other things, I will still focus on the blog, and work in my makeup room most of the day, even though of course I will be in the store a lot too :)

    That's why we will have a full-time makeup artist, because unfortunately I can not clone myself haha. So it will be great!


    And here is little me in my big blog and makeup room! ♥♥♥

    Our opening hours
    Weekdays 10-18
    Saturdays 10-14

    We have just started with the renovation, it is a large room that will be three small for tattoos, etc., so there is a lot that needs to be done before we can plan the opening date for 100%. But most likely we will open the last weekend in September!

    My small sole proprietorship becomes AB, and both Miska and Annika become co-owners with me. I suddenly go from working at home in soft pants all day, to limited companies with employees and a physical job with colleagues and the whole choir!

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    And not only that, Annika and I have an even bigger plan in parallel with this as well, which will take a super long time but it is so heavenly inspiring and I really long to tell you more about it too :)

    It's going to be so much fun with all this! Just that it goes so well for the company and that we develop is really cool, but to have colleagues, a workplace to go to, physical customers that you meet and talk to, and at the same time do what I think is most fun even today - test products , blog and inspire, that's the dream! ♥

    It was a long post this corner, I could talk for any length of time. Hope you have managed to read, and if I (against all odds hehe) missed to tell something, I will just be happy for questions :)

    Big hugs to you! ♥

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    Helena Amileyhttps://www.imakeyousmile.se
    I write mostly about beauty but also offer glimpses from the entrepreneurial life and the construction of our own camper van. Vanlife here we come!


    1. Great to have you as a neighbor and we can certainly have a collaboration with girls' evenings in the future. Good luck with renovation and do you need furniture or other furnishings look in and check all catalogs Regards Hugo W vaksalagatan 24

    2. Oh how fun!! Hope it will go really well for you! Lives a little far away but you might expand to Gothenburg one fine day :-) :-)

    3. Congratulations congratulations congratulations! You are really worth all this and if I am ever in Uppsala I will definitely visit you. Hooray what are you good at! : D

    4. PS By the way, is it too few people to get a consultation just me and my daughter ??? It would have been so much fun to come to you and get advice and tips. Will be on the autumn holiday week as we imagined.

    5. Sooooooooooooo much fun, I'm going to Uppsala in October, what better way than to take my daughter there. Has received many tips and advice from you both here on the site and "privately" so great fun.
      GOOD LUCK!!!
      Hug Camilla

    6. Hey! The first time I comment here but have read your blog for a long time and was also and got the eyebrows picked at you a while ago and I was super happy to just be added! :) But what fun for you! Super good to open a physical store! I have several times thought to order from byher.se but so hard to know what I should have when I can not test. Even though I recently moved to Stockholm from Uppsala, I will definitely start buying my make-up from you in Uppsala this autumn! : D Good luck with the renovation!

    7. But god what fun! It will be great !! 😃 Good luck with everything! Typically that another is quite far to Uppsala ..: / But heavenly Happy for your sake! 😊 Hugs!

    8. Congratulations - oh what fun and you are so worth it! Looking forward to an invitation to the inauguration! Hugs galore!

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