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Thought to update you a bit about my Wednesday adventure, or rather the "pre-party" at my house!
Frida and Moa came to my house in the morning, and I offered a small welcome drink (non-alcoholic cider with strawberries and grapes) mums! :)
Then we started with a warm footbath and bullshit like an hour!

Plus face mask and a dish of honeydew melon of course! :)
After that we had feet and nail fix (which I did not take a picture of) with foot file, nail files, cuticle cream and nail polish!

After that I bid minced meat pie á la Helena!

Then we made ourselves nice about the nose. I made up Moa and Frida. Hot babes huh? :)

 And after many ifs and buts (and large burn on the arm of the curling iron)
so I looked like this!

Finally ran on a long dress, with a thin leather jacket over! Totally okay choice?

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To sum it all up, I really can recommend this kind of pre-party with your best friends!

We had super fun!
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Helena Amiley
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