What is salt water spray?

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    I received this comment when I announced the winner of the Vision Haircare competition:
    "Congratulations! :-) But this with salt water spray, I have never understood that, despite the fact that I have a bottle standing in the cupboard :-D How & what should I do with it !? In wet or dry hair? Before or after styling? .. What is it really for? ”

    Your question has several answers, and I thought I would try to sort this out in a post now :)

    What is salt water spray?

    Why use salt water spray?

    • To give straight hair more texture, especially fine, thin and soft hair, but works on all hair types. Good both when you have let go of hair but also if you are going to do hairstyles.
    • To highlight your natural curls.
    • To get a more "sloppy" nice look, e.g. if you curl your hair and want sloppy beach curls.
    • Instead of hair spray - salt water spray goes into the hair and shapes it a bit, so that it is better held in place.
    • For volume - Spray on the scalp, bend the head forward and massage.

    How to use salt water spray?

    Exactly how you use it depends a bit on what you have for hair and what you want for results:

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    In wet hair - Spray salt water spray on wet hair if you have natural curls that you want to emphasize, or if you have straight hair and just want more texture. Shower, towel dry, spray all over the hair, squeeze it with your hands, blow dry or let it dry itself.

    In dry hair - Spray salt water spray on dry hair if you want to use it for sloppy curls, as a hair spray, for volume or just to give your hair more texture. Style your hair and end with salt water spray. Squeeze it into the hair with your hands.

    Super easy! :)

    saline spray

    Among other things, I like the salt water spray Ruff from Vision Haircare.

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    Hope the post answered the question what saltwater spray is. Feel free to write a comment if you have any more questions or concerns. ♥

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