What would I do without him ♥

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    Conversation between me and Miska Last night, when we talked about my makeup videos:

    I - Hjäääälp I can not look at myself!
    Miska - You are just self-critical, you are super good after all!
    I - "Tells about all errors and mistakes"
    Miska - But, you should still cut that off.
    I - Yes but I have to look at the shit while I cut haha. Oh what if I just left here, you go through the movies and cut off all the awful, then I can just approve the finished movie later.
    Miska - Yes, we can do that!
    I - Miska, I was joking.
    Miska - But I can do it!

    So you understand ?? I went home to my sister, drank tea, chewed chocolate balls and cuddled but my nieces and nephews, while Miska sat and worked with all my chaotic makeup movies haha ♥

    As soon as I publish a video tutorial on yesterday's smokey eye, fun huh ?! :)

    me and mila

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    Mia and I braided the hair of the trolls, so that they would have lots of curls in school / kindergarten today :) What else do you have to muster for!

    Think what fun then when they start going to the disco and stuff, then I get to help with make-up!

    Wonderful evening simply, and when I got home Miska got a back massage! Mainly because he is so kind, but also because I got home a press sample of a massage oil from Rituals, and it needed to be put to the test of course;)

    Now I will be working on the film on Youtube and you will see it very soon!

    Hugs are ♥

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